Playground Games AGAIN

Who would have thought that the worst feature of the game would continue to have problems? 9 times out of ten when I join I’m on a team missing a player. So pretty quick the team starts to lose and people quit. Hell, I quit. Why is this happening so much?

On a side note, is there any reason there there is STILL a notification on Festival Playlist when there is nothing to be notified about? Surely it’s pretty simple to clear up this problem.

I’ve never known a game so hated by it’s own community, how the review bombing hasn’t started I’ve no idea.

When you’re down one player it’s not the end of the world. You still have a chance. But when you’re down half your team then it’s gg. Fortunately I’m always on the good team.

I can help you if you want to convoy in.

Was TerrorCuddles already taken? Just curious why you had to have 1.

In other mp games when team lost they still earn exp/unlocks.
And many other games has a mid match auto team balance.

It is basic logic thing in mp games.

But this is horizon.
The same problem in FH4 carry over to FH5

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With playground games it is the same, you only have to become second in the seasonal championship to get the reward. It is since 2 years now and despite this many players quit if their team looses…


I don’t often stick up for the common FH player but not needing to win isn’t put across well or even at all to the player in FH5.

I play the first game properly then tank if we lose it, there’s no reason to try and prolong it to a 3-1 or 3-2 and waste more of everyone’s time while also adding more time for someone to get a DC.

Why wouldn’t you just quit then? You’re really bad if you literally never can come back from a 1-0 deficit in a best of 5 scenario.

Why should he quit when all is need to get the reward is sitting there for the end of the game?

In playground games there are no really losers at all, as all you need is your team on second place as minimum requirement to get the reward.

Only if the impossible occurs and you do some playground games not for the seasonal reward but only for personal enjoyment there could be some losers as well.

I have to admit that even in the seasonal events where the outcome mostly do not count, I sometimes scream in front of the monitor when experts in infected or capture the flag drives right straight to the opponent team - either to get infected after 10 seconds into the game or forgetting to carry a flag. Or when five team members are not competend enough to catch a slowed down king. And when their ambition finally awakes after two lost games… if I lost the first two ones, I just want to get through the last one quick, no need for resistance anymore especially as in FH5 other than in FH4 you only get the normal XP points and no more extra points for the type of game you are playing.

Thanks for saving me the trouble of typing anything back in reply just as I was about to.

Some people’s comprehension is unbelievably low, I say the reason in the first sentence of the post for Christ’s sake then give 2 more reasons in the 2nd sentence.

And just in case they try being pedantic most if not all threads about games concern the seasonal one.

No, you dont need to be second to get the reward lol. It doesnt matter how you end up as long as you COMPLETE ppgs. It was exactly the same in FH4.
Problem is, gameplay mechanics of EVERYTHING are so horrid, that people dont even play ppgs to have fun of course. They only do it for the rewards.


As it is a team event your team have to be at last be second place, that’s what I mean. So only the ones who quit before the game ends are the loosers here.

Reminds of an old cold war time joke:

The russian prawda was known for it’s sense to flip the truth. As Leonid Brezhnev and Ronald Reagan decided to do a marathon with only the two of them, Reagan wins. The next day the Prawda states in its headlines, that Breshnew was second in the race and Reagan only penultimate.

Does anyone even play PGG mode besides getting it over with to complete the weekly events?

“Devs, we really hate this mode”
“Okay, you don’t have to win it anymore”
“But we still have to play it?”


If I quit, I wasted time, as I’m there only to get those playlist points and both teams get them.
Also why prolong something I don’t like and if things look bad, why not speed up the process, as there is no actual looser.
Well there are losers - those who quit, as they have to spend more time playing again.

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The mismatched teams issue is a flaw in the game design. It should add players to the session in pairs to make sure that does not happen often. Maybe rarely if a player lags out or something, but not regularly. That said, I only play the stupid games to get the prize for the weekly task. You don’t need to be on the winning team for that, so I play it through regardless of whether I’m on a numerically disadvantaged team or not. Yeah, it’s more fun to win, or at least think you have a chance of winning, but in the end, I really don’t care.