Playground do something with Bone shaker!

The single player game is currently relatively empty in terms of content, but it replenishes over time (well). In the meantime, we are waiting for this filling “content” nothing remains, how to go to play multiplayer. And I’m incredibly sick of this car. We do not have a class D, C, B,( A, S1 while the bone shaker on the road). At the moment, the content game is inferior even to 1 part, and you have added an bone shaker adventure to everything. Thanks you! Great job!


AGREED!!! I get delighted to see people not using that car. It feels like a cheat car, not saying it is but it sure does seem to be faster than every other car in A class. Some people use it in S1 and even on cross country. UGH


Hmm, not sure who is sarcastic and who is not, but just to clear out things, next season, boneshaker will be at reach of everyone so get prepare to have A class drawn by boneshakers …

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What will change next week is that lots of people will have TWO Bone Shakers and will be able to use it for S1 as well as A class. That reminds me, I must develop an S1 tune ready for getting a second one.

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Well, lets enrichen this chat. Why is the boneshaker so powerful?
Low center of gravity?
Big traction tires?

Now PI is supposed to be is supposed to be the balancer, but cause of mathematics and car sizes, etc, there will always be something that has a minute advantage. So is the boneshaker actually all powerful or it is a meta accepted as such?

Thing about meta and a balanced game is that usually it isnt all powerful and only works from people not looking at alternative or why. Often started because somebody says it is best and perhaps marginally is. Then minmaxers or other people invested pick it up followed by hype train. Result is a large number of users so higher odds of seeing it on podium just from the odds.

Now in racing, physical size really makes a difference because it gives more room for movement from side to side. Autocross this is a massive thing because for example in a slalom, a narrow car needs less side to side motion to clear but still doesnt mean its actual handling is as good. Perhaps this is part of the case with boneshaker?

I am assuming though that all PI is calculated from something related to the stats used in physics. If it actually does get an easy and quantifiable advantage, then how the PI in general needs to be looked at.

So I recommend not just putting out boneshaker is a problem, but why? What advantage in racing does it get not possible with other cars? What tune/configuration is broken?

I have tested more than 50 cars in A class and the Bone Shaker is pulling significantly faster lap times than all of them.


Then you need to test again.
Depending on your settings, steering, brakes, auto/manual gears ect. There are a few areas where the boneshaker is faster, Winter, is one area, where nothing seems to be able to keep up, but it is VERY close, and by large, there are alternatives, that in some cases will destroy the boneshaker.
And in S1, i think it is complete garbage at everything.

Garbage in S1? Nope, BS is probably top 5 in S1 due to it’s ridiculous acceleration. Sounds like you are not testing good BS tunes.

So many of us have detailed tune testing methodology and the results are usually the same, the BS is the overall winner in Spring, Winter, Autumn and is at-least as good as the Daytona/TZ2 in Dry Summer conditions and better on tracks with short breaking and acceleration zones. Just don’t bring it to the Colossus/Marathon and you have a great chance of winning. That’s why it as sub 53s Greendale Club Circuit, sub 55 Beach Circuit, ~3.15 Lakehurst lap times, times that other cars can’t consistently beat.


“So many of us have detailed tune testing methodology” - oh wow, so you use like spreadsheets and calculations and stuff? Maybe even test on different tracks, every time you tune a car?? well it sure sounds like you know what you are talking about, and have now put me in my place, as the lower form of human i am, thus ofcourse my oppinion doesn’t matter one bit. Because i dont have detailed tune testing methodology, this you seem to know for a fact.
Yes yes, stupid me, there i was thinking my opinion would matter, i am sorry for this, it will not happen again, Mr. OhSoHighAndMighty.

How about you get of that high horse of yours, and absorb the fact that other people, may actually know what they are talking about, sure you may know something they dont, but never ever ignore the fact that they might know something you dont, if you do, you might miss something.

What does “enrichen” mean?

I’m not being sarcastic at all. I dont like seeing it in the rooms and some of the rooms are full of people using it just like everyone uses the 2017 Raptor. I have one but its too heavy. I have a bone shaker but i’m not selling it. I have one of every car in the game

@breeminator is not so good in S1 class, those who can use that in S1 class to set top rivals time are peoples that set top rivals time in other cars also but most peoples are faster in S1 class when picking up pretty mutch any other car.

Just had a go at that FI S1 rivals with my own tune of the Bone Shaker. I see the problem it has, my tune is 881 PI, you either have that sort of PI with the stock engine, or swap the engine and then have problems keeping it down to 900. It just doesn’t happily work at 900. But it may well be the best 881 PI car in the game. I tried to beat that time with the '08 Viper and '92 NSX-R, but didn’t manage it, though I felt like I would manage it with enough laps, but the Bone Shaker lap could have been a bit better as well.

Which supports that something is imbalanced. But the important part is why. What do you consider significantly faster?

At that point if it is now able to be verified there are faster times, where is that time coming from? Can work to pinpoint what exactly makes it faster and where it can gain the leads. So this will show where a PI weighting imbalance is occuring. Theory only goes so far vs overall values in the races overall.

Example of applied is from the rip rod pvp. PI accounting for handling braking etc offered little in drag racing so two cars had an advantage because they had the least PI from these values.

So with the state of racing, perhaps the boneshaker has that little bit of minmax that isnt weighted enough for the game on the hole. One way to test is with a few different tracks that each have a different type of racing, and see what cars consistently time best and their common traits.

I build pontiac today and while i was testing that at bamburg i lap 57,3s time i think this is actually pretty fast as most A800 cars do abaout 58-59s and cars like daytona, gto, gt40 do abaout 57-57,5 with bone shaker allready standing lap 57,4 and flying lap 55,5. At holyrood park circuit i did abaout 1,11,2 with daytona in rivals mode after 20 laps, 5 lap with bone shaker and fastest lap 1,09,7.

One reason why bone shaker is unbalance because PI stats counts wide rear tires as negative thing. And also bone shaker is car that hugely benefit awd swap, if swaping back to rwd bone shaker PI would raise to 800 -->808 and when example daytona swaping back to rwd PI goes down to 795.


If the Bone Shaker is nerfed, then another car would become the leaderboard car and replace it.


yeap the daytona but the rest is pretty balanced … the daytona and the bone shaker are OP because there power weith ratio is crasy low for their handling … the ratio is in S1 territory

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The PI system is severely broken, it values top speed and turning radius way to high, and acceleration way to low. The Bone Shaker has a bad top speed, a terrible turning radius when AWD swapped, and great acceleration, also it’s wide and low to the ground which makes it extremely stable. That’s why it’s so OP.

Don’t forget the TZ2.


My way to see it, in FH3 boneshaker had almost the same characteristic but it was ultimately difficult to make it turn without using the e-brake. in FH4, this limitation is almost gone, you get a car that is able to pass from last position to first in the first 500m of a the race and turn handling has very few equivalents. Its only bottlenecks are top speed and vulnerability to ramming ( since very light) but from the second you get out of the crowd, very difficult to catch up, not impossible, but overall, you will need twice the effort you would do for any other car.

It’s not the car, it’s the pilot and the tuning.
I have beaten it using a Hoonigan Nova in A class.
I actually have 2 of them, and I can be beaten.

Some stats.
Bone Shaker: 1 & 2
Top Speed: 170.0
0-60: 2.563
222 Races
73 Podiums
22 Wins
*Car was S1 until recently

Top Speed: 172.5
0-60: 2.356
261 Races
88 Podiums
47 Wins

Napalm Nova:
Top Speed: 175.0
0-60: 2.545
228 Races
68 Podiums
19 Wins

Gremlin X:
Top Speed: 150.1
0-60: 3.818
285 Races
61 Podiums
19 Wins

They are AWD A class mostly tuned for dirt racing, but do work well in the rain in road races.

One thing about that Bone Shaker, it don’t like to turn, I spent close to 3 hours at the festival circuit track tuning that thing to make tight turns on wet roads.

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