Players hacking the game already!

Ive noticed the last few days that cars that have been sitting at the start/finish line the entire race, yet finish in first, second or third. I figured this out after leading a few races the whole race and then after crosing the finish line it said I finished in 3rd place. I saved a replay to upload if need be. Ive been reporting the gamertags for cheating as should be done by everyone. Im very disappointed that T10 and or Microsoft countinues to let this go on day in and day out. I paid $100 for this game and this makes me not want to play at all. And this effects the game as a whole and happens in all multiplayer lobbies.

I hope not,i payed my hard earned $$ not for not this cheaters… it needs looking into

Its lag. The people stuck on the start/finish line are racing just like you but on your screen its not updating them.

Ive raced in parties before where my friends can see cars that I cant and the total number of racers is wrong.


Exactly, please don’t report those tags as cheating as they aren’t.

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Indeed, poor ping to the host server can provide some rather nasty lag.

As an additional note you’re also invincible against cars you cant see. I was racing last night and my friend was behind me, he told me someone was trying to rear end me off but he was invisible on my screen… on my friends screen he hit me at top speed but didnt even budge me, his car just bounced off.

the above statement is indeed correct

My friends and I have seen the ghost of Richard Petty several times. A car is racing ahead of you at a certain point each lap then his car just disapears as we get closer. At least thats what we are calling it…Ghost of Richard Petty … because it happened the 1st time and it was a blue charger daytona. Kinda crazy.

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I also noticed for the first time last night, hacking in a game of keep the it. The hack, I believe is to get the hacker to get the “it” back. Im also not sure if this is a connection issue as I never had any network issues. I was it and the next moment, the red dot goes all over the map in a twitching fasion and to someone else ultimately. I left the game immediately but maybe I should have stayed to test it out. I will next time and report here if this occurs again.

It’s not HACKING. It’s to do with the loading an online race. It happened to me, my friend told me my car had not left the line but I know I was racing. I finished ahead and he lost a place at the finish.

All I can say is have a decent internet connection.

I had something as described happen in a party as well. Both of my friends in the party could see me but I could not see them, well, I could see their cars sitting at the start finish line the entire race. We started a race at Indy and myself and one of them were going up the middle of the pack, but I didn’t know he was in front of me because I couldn’t see him. As a result on his screen I rear ended him and spun him out. He was yelling my name and I had no idea what he was going on about. The other friend in the party was talking about me being behind him and catching him. I’m like, I see no cars in front of me at all so if I’m catching you I would advise you to get out of my way, LOL :slight_smile: He pulled over, let me by and then ran into me to see what happened. He crashed as if he had hit a wall and I didn’t notice a thing.

As described by others, we all saw people in different race positions than they were actually in as the race ran.

We all saved the replays. In my saved replay the friend I spun at the start of the race was in a different car than he was actually driving and he was shown as moving and as me spinning him in my replay even though I couldn’t see his car moving during the race. In both my other friends’ saved replays they say all the cars as what was actually being driven.

I’ve seen this a few times and as mentioned above, it is not in any way “hacking” or “cheating”. It is lag. That doesn’t necessarily mean that someone needs better internet either. It CAN be related to a poor internet connection, but it’s more likely to just be an issue with trying to sync up people from all over the world. It doesn’t matter how awesome everyone’s connection is, if we’re trying to play with people on the other side of the planet.

Same thing if you see a car jumping around the track and they happen to smash into you. They probably didn’t come close to hitting you on their screen.

If you are going to report people, you better be damn sure you know what you are talking about. Report the racists and obvious intentional crashers (the ones who wait for people to lap them). Player ratings can only go down now, there is no “prefer this player” anymore to bring ratings back up, so if you are reporting people for things that you don’t understand, that’s the epitome of ignorance. Stop it.

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i doubt ms would take action against anyone without investigating the accusation first. ms has all the data and saves it for drivatars if nothing else. they can review it and see exactly what happened from everyones perspective. in his replays he should even be able to switch the the peoples view he suspects and see the race from their view. him reporting something will not actually harm anyone innocent, they aren’t going to just takee his word for it, they will review the incident and take appropriate action, perhaps even to the point of making his lobbies factor in ping / lag rates stopping the problem.

i have seen people exploit glitches, i haven’r sen any sucessful hacks yet. hacking is changing the code or hardware to get an unfair advantage. a glitch is just an unintended result of executing the real code in the game.

xbox one has not knowingly been hacked to date. especially on forza. it’s not impossible but really hard to hack. anyone who would go through the trouble to hack xb1 would more rather be interested in your credit card details than finishing first in a non essential lobby which they did not even bother to race. trust me its lag/bad connection

I’m not hacking guys, I’m just that good.

lol. your obviously joking right? i been around 10 years and never seen you on any leaderboard and i have seen them all at one time or another.

I recently was racing in Online Multiplayer in Modern GT Endurance. The race was 12 laps, 1 quickstop at Watkins Glen Full Circuit. A player by the name of [Mod Edit - don’t name and shame on the forums - MM] finished the race in 3 laps without stopping and still came in first at the end of the timer. Even a few players who did make their pitstops early had not finished ahead of him. I’ve never seen this before but I’m assuming its some kind of cheat/hack/glitch.

I was in E class hopper last night and had the same experience. At first I thought I was losing my marbles as I was certain I had won the Lime Rock race wire to wire. At the completion of each lap was the bogusly proclaimed eventual winner sitting at the start line. OK I thought, the driver was spectating. Wanting to confirm my sanity, I saved the replay and watched the “winner” cross the finish line in front of me by 10 seconds. When I cycled through the cars during the race, his gamertag and car were non-existent. A phantom car had won the race. This cheater raced about 5 or 6 more races and won every one easily with a VW Beetle with 4.5 speed and moderate handling on a variety of courses. I confirmed my suspicions with a replay of a Burnese Alps Festival race, which he, of course, won.

He’s not cheating sometimes the connection between 2 players are bad and 1 car won’t be able to be seen. But he could prob see you on the track even though you could not see him. This happens to my buddy and I from time to time because he’s on the east coast and I’m on the West coast. A hard restart for both of us solves the issue.

Again NO ONE IS Cheating, It’s a lag glitch that’s been brought up many times. Anytime you see a car or multiple cars sitting at the start they are more than likely racing and can see you but you can’t see them


This happens all the time. I found it helped to setup my router to be a bit more optimum compared to what my ISP sent me and I hard reset my console all the time. It still happens but that is to be expected. It is just connection lag.