Players don’t show up in game.

So I’m having this issue that’s really bugging me to death. This only happens at the drag strip near the festival and never anywhere else. So I go to the strip and there’s nobody over there. I pause the game and open up the map and there’s 3 or 4 player dots runnin up and down the strip. I unpause and look around and there’s no player dots on the mini map and no cars runnin the strip. Open the pause menu map and there they are. Doesn’t happen all the time but more often than not. And I’m 100% sure it’s not because they’re in convoy or anything because I’ve messaged people that are showing up on the start menu map but not in game and talked to them so what’s the problem? It really makes me angry cuz I go over there to race and I literally just can’t because I can’t see the people I’m racing.


They are in an event… same with forzathon live players on the map showing, but in game there’s nobody around.

They’re not in an event cuz I’ll be racing them down the strip then all of a sudden they just disappear and I can only see them on the start menu map.

I have the same issue, but anywhere on the map. I go to a part of the map where a player is showing on the map, yet I rock up and nobody is there. Happens all the time.

I believe FH4 online has been a major fail.