Player List Does Not Minimize (D-PAD Down -- First Person View (w/ Rearview Mirror)

In Forza Horizon 4, I could minimize the player list (in first-person view) by pressing the down arrow on the D-PAD; I cannot do this in FH5 and it causes me to be unable to see the rearview mirror, which is extremely disorienting and frustrating, especially when it’s a known capability of a previous game.

Additionally, I would like to add that there has yet to be tire smoke in the rearview mirror, and I was almost certain it would’ve happened with FH5. If anyone at Forza is reading this, I will pay to have this fixed – it feels as if the first-person drivers (the actual drivers, in my opinion) have been left out of the same experience as everyone else.

I love this game, and I really appreciate the hard work that went into it; it’s much better than FH4 – please fix these issues, though.