Player Created Open Lobbies

First and foremost, I want to start off by saying I love Forza and have owned every copy. I could go into great detail about the things I’ve liked and the things I’ve hated throughout the years but that would result in a really long forum post that no one would likely read in its entirety. That being said I’ll try to stick to my subject but forgive me if a sway here and there.

Most of the things I’ve hated haven’t been total game ruiners (ex. the ultra sticky spots off the track that you accidentally hit and they royal screw you or the fact that someone had the bright idea to have the most absurd sun glare on every track of Forza 5) but one thing that does ruin a racing game for me is a really poorly done multiplayer. Lets face it the driveretards in single player are funny to watch but a lot less fun to race. Interestingly enough that same level of brilliance permeates in the public race rooms. Basically people don’t car about crashing into you and with 24 player servers only it gets worst when the first corner is a demolition derby experience. This is not racing to me… this is crap.

The saving grace of Forza 4 was that you could create an open lobby which allowed the ability to customize the race experience. I don’t use any assists (and I mean none) so in Forza 4 I developed a great group of friends who raced at the same level, no assists. Also, we had the ability to weed out the crap drivers and send them back to the public rooms through a great tool called a "Kick: button. This illusive piece of technological advancement could still be utilized today but… for the last two installments of Forza someone had another ingenious idea to not include player created public rooms.

I hope others agree with me that this is the single worst thing that Turn 10 could have left out. To heck with the oddly done night anf rain maps. Give us our player created open lobbies. I’ll stop here before my post gets shut down due to an airing of grievances (kinda like festives). Please help me to bring this to light by 1 uping this forum post so many times that it cant be overlooked. Thanks in advance everyone and I’ll look forward to racing you all in the future



I’ve got some what of a dislike for the kick function. Firstly if someone votes to kick the rest of the lobby follow like sheep even if the person is innocent. Secondly if you were any good at the game or a particular game mode you would be almost guaranteed to be booted next time you returned to the lobby.


I suppose that comes down to the room you’re racing in. We only kicked for people who we’re wrecking others. We never kicked people who we’re faster. That was what the fun challenge was… who is the fatest and how you could make your car faster. You don’t get that in the public lobbies. It’s very imbalanced in that if I don’t use assists I got toasted by half the room. The other half I beat on my skill or because they have already been taken out by a bad driver or someone who is intentionally wrecking people. I just want a level playing field of like minded racers and I don’t get that in public lobbies. All i get is bad experiences.


In the context of user-created lobbies though the option to kick is perfect. If a player is being unsporting then the host can kick the player instantly, job done, no questions asked, no messing around trying to get everyone to agree with it.


And that’s the issue. There are certainly users who would be fair with the kick feature but their would be many who wouldn’t. It’s great when it’s used as intended and fun for the group but it’s absolute BS when you find a guy with 4 of his buddies who can’t stand losing. In my experience, the host is usually very elitist and it’s always somebody else’s fault as to why they aren’t winning.

Forgive me if this is an ignorant question but why can’t you just take your party into a private room? What can’t you get from a private room (where the host is able to dictate the settings) that you can from player created lobbies?

Sorry i missed your question. It’s been a few years since Forza 4 and I’ve been playing mostly PC games which has dwindled down my friends list a bit. Also, some of the people I used to play with don’t play anymore. Forza 5 I rarely played multiplayer because of the inability to setup my own room and get a level racing experience. The long story short is,I have a tough time finding 8 fiends on at the same time playing Forza 6.

I like the player created rooms for meeting new people and basically making new friends that race the same as I do (no assists). Also, it brings about new challenges with the different drivers that come in. It’s just better is what I’m trying to say cause you get to race different people while also making new friends. Maybe someone out there plays without assists and would completely trash me. I don’t know the way its currently set up. I hope that made sense but good question.

Private rooms only work if you and your friends arrange in advance to play a particular game at a particular time. Public user-made lobbies let individuals create rooms with their own rules for anyone of a similar mindset to join at any time. Better yet, it effectively allows you to create your own custom hopper without having to depend on the setups that Turn 10 have made.

I don’t see the issue with hosts ‘abusing’ the kick function. It’s their lobby, they can kick whoever they want.


I respect the concern but I suppose if someone is kicking because you’re better then them then I wouldn’t want to play with them anyways. Just sounds like a jerk thing to do. We’re kinda getting away from my intent here considering we don’t even have the ability to create lobbies to even find out if someone would abuse the kick feature. Either way, I’m a strong advocate for public player made lobbies and I really hope others will join in and make this post take off. If the people are shouting for it maybe Turn 10 will listen. I’ll start the chant… “Player Created Public Lobbies for the People!”


I also used to host lots of these for tandeming in Forza Motorsport 4 and fans have been asking for this feature since it went missing in Forza Motorsport 5. It’s easily the most requested feature on the forums and as Dan Greenawalt says, “thousands of posts”. The drifting community here is humongous, as well as the painting, tuning, drag, JDM etc. community.

Turn10 has stated in a interview with MotorWorldHype (Youtube) that they listen to their fans, obviously they’re not.

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I assume it has something to do with the Xbox one— PROJECT CARS also had issue with this

I hope they can get it sorted as I really have issued this function. Met a lot of friends in FM4 that way and it was clean. But in the same since most lobby’s were a small group of friends plus a couple randoms. So by them doing this it makes hoppers fuller (well at least until everyone good gets sick of the begining race slugfest- or worse the ones that just like to take out leaders while they are being lapped.


I just wondered where I have the ability to get to a player created open lobby, and now I know why I couldn’t find it…

The problem is there is no (or only a small) party. I think the chances are not that high to get up to 23 people from your friend list to race with you in Forza 6 at the same time with your preset settings. So why don’t let people from all over the world drive against you if they meet the same settings?
My thought of finding such an open lobby is a filter system where I can choose class, track, control settings (i.e. forced manual shift, no traction control…), but don’t have to set up all of them.

I don’t get it what this issue could be. At the moment the lobby system works this way: You jump into a lobby of a particular car class, and the game provides 2 tracks and a random option to choose from where the next race happens.
Why is there no possibility to choose from all tracks? I wanna race other people on the Nordschleife, but the track doesn’t appear in the preset open lobby. It can’t be that hard to get this working.
I mean choosing from 2 (or 3 when random also counts) tracks is possible, but not choosing from all?
The lobby system as it works at the moment is just awful.

I really would like to know why they didn’t put searchable public lobbies on fm6. It was in fm2, left out in fm3 and returned in fm4. Worked a lot better than the hoppers, only if the host was fair. But the best part of the forza motorsport franchise if you ask me. So turn 10, give use the user hosted lobbies back!


I want player created open lobbies too, its the best way to race online !!! I play with no assists and simulation steering and damage and the clutch !! But going in the public lobbies that people always hit you, it ruins the game !! I dont have much time to play, but when i can play I dont want to have to come to the forums looking for a group that organised a private lobby with all assists off !!

It’s never gong to happen. Servers cost money and they’re not going to add them for free. The only possibility of getting them back is if people would pay for their own servers like battlefield and what not.

Couldn’t agree more! Just read this after posting a thread regarding the same issue.

The glory days of user created public lobbies are over. Now it’s just a pain in the a** to drive in those hoppers.

I’m afraid the open private lobbies died with the unicorns =(