Platinum Club Reward not received =/ ....

Hello :slight_smile:

Is there a delay for the platinum club reward to be received ?
Because so far, i’ve not received my 400k…

Any help please ?

You should get the club rewards instantly added to your credit balance, although there can sometimes be a delay of a minute or two after coming out of a race before it happens. It doesn’t leave you a message or anything in the social tab, though.

Well… I didn"t receive anything, i’m sure of that, no +400 000 i just looked at my money before getting the platinum…

Oh no, all these efforts for nothing … =(

Can i do something ? I just spent a lot of time to get that reward…

Well… I guess i have no luck and got ripped off by the game… no luck as always =(

Did the little pop up happen whilst you were racing
Usually it would get awarded then …not at the end of a race

I’m sure i passed platinum while doing a race, but i didn’t see any pop up in race nor afterward.
I could have missed that pop up, but i checked my money before getting platinum and the 400k were not added =/

But thanks for your assistance talby, always present to help others :slight_smile:

I thought the same last week.

The addition will happen when you reach the correct number of points, which is usually in the middle of the race. There is also a delay of what is reported in the club tab and what your actual point total is. I knew I was getting close tonight so I kept checking my point total and my total credits. I did a very small race and sure enough in the middle of the race I saw the pop up message telling me I had reached platinum, and at the end of the race I saw that the credits had been added to my total.

Thanks for your answers but it’s my main account and i’m 100% sure i didn’t get anything, i triple checked, really, before race and after race =/

Last week I has the same thing happen to me, I thought I was not getting the reward money, focused on the xp and my money, never got my money but I was on my 2nd account so maybe you only get it on your main account because my main one did.

I’ve been getting the same thing throughout the tier range for so long now that I’ve given up ever getting the club tier rewards. It’s a virtually insignificant thing which probably doesn’t even deserve fixing.

I sort of wish they did the Club rewards like they do the Forza Hub rewards… Mail them to your inbox and make you accept them as I rarely see the notification pop up… (That said I am pretty positive I got them.)

Yeah I’m now in platinum and have never received the bonus for each tier.

It seems completely random whether you receive a tier reward or not then.
I correctly received the bronze, silver and gold reward but not the platinum…

They really need to fix that, 400 000 cr is a lot of money if you don’t play 50 laps goliath lol ^^

Just a little update: I might be wrong but i think i just received the 400k this morning.

Odd oO