Placeable Objects missing after upload

I have tried searching for an answer to this and can’t find anything. I have made a few event lab races and i have a bunch or placables, barriers and such and when I test the map everything is there as i placed it, but after it uploads and I go to play the race all the Placeables are gone.

Am I missing some setting?

I can’t figure out what is wrong and it is stopping me from making any more races as I don’t want to put all this time into something if what I design isn’t there.

Thanks in advacned

Hi mate,

It happens to me every single events, just wait few hours or a day and it may appear haha

I believe it’s a bug, similar to my problem where I’ll publish an event, but only I can see any props that were placed down and non of the other players can. The only solution I’ve found was to test drive and publish a new blueprint of the same course.

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Great solution. I’m on it. This game has been consistently breaking my heart when it comes to designing races considering how long it takes.

Thanks for the info, they have been up for at least a week, i’ll try the blue print thing you suggested.

Thanks again. Hopefully they patch it soon.

Yep, none of my races would show the props after upload, so I deleted them. Now whenever I try to create a new event, the checkpoints do not display during creation. So, I’ve stopped creating

I’ve found that when you drive to the location and start your event, everything will load up rather than starting your race through the creative hub in the menu.