Pixel Motorsport Season 1 race photos

Pixel Motorsport (PNUK) is a well established forza club and has run many club championships, unfortunately ive never really had the time to post pics here from our race meetings. although i still dont have a great deal of time i`ll be trying to at least post a small collection of shots from each weekend with some short write ups that hopefully will give a bit of insight to how the race panned out.

all comments and criticism welcome as i don`t profess to be a full fledged forzatographer,

few photos from race 2 - watkins glen

ochilbaz leading unfitwookie85 followed by lucylou and wicked singe

Baker heading the pack with cobragt04 keeping pace and conlinone ready to pounce

simon 0ne with ochilbaz and lincoln elite going door to door in the background

three abreast between simon 0ne, baker and conlin was interesting, especially as simon 0ne was heading straight for the end of the pit wall. lucylou having a look at the action probably waiting for it all to go wrong.

conlinone takes the lead, lucylou and ochilbaz in pursuit

reverse grid saw wicked singe and unfitwookie start from the rear, both quickly made their way through the pack

cobragt04 takes the lead but has to drive defensively to hold off conlinone

lincoln elite who was having a battle with baker seemed to have the watkins glen crowd cheering him on, even the inflatable crazy arms guy is waving him on

doom spoon pushing hard as seen by the glowing brakes

after keeping his nose clean and driving a fairly faultless race the eventual winner, unfitwookie

any interest for joining in on the action check out http://pnuk.forumotion.co.uk/, we`re a very welcoming club and always happy to take on new members of a levels providing good clean yet competitive close racing. plus always a good bit of banter, especially if at the expense of ochillbaz!

Brands Hatch - Race 1

feeling annoyed at being pipped to pole simon one pulls a nice move on pole sitter conlin one as they race away from the grid. taking a wide entry simon one gets a great drive coming through paddock hill bend and races down the inside on conlin one

meanwhile as the pack race through druids wicked singe tries an opportunistic move down the inside of lucy lou, who defends hard and gaz not only fails to gain a place but consequently loses two.

as gaps start to appear in the field simon one doesn`t look back from gaining the lead and races away to an eventual victory.

warble is the first of many throughout race one and two to catch some air. pushing hard to keep ochilbaz at bay as they have a race long battle!

goodwin shows cobragt how to get some air through paddock hill bend, cobra obviously takes note as we`ll see later.

Brands Hatch - Race 2

Baker starts race two well getting the jump on wicked singe for the rolling start

lucy lou puts the pressure on wicked singe, goodwin tries likewise but his talent runs out as he runs wide.

the pack races through stirlings with only warble struggling to find grip. goodwin after his escapade into the green stuff is being lined up by simon one who`s starting to pick his way through the field.

following on from race one warble and ochilbaz carry on going at each other, some brilliant good close clean racing non stop from these two in both races.

cobragt (on all four wheels!) leads warble, ochilbaz and conlin through paddock hill.

cobragt now seen taking paddock hill as he would carry on lap after lap. conlin one after waiting patiently makes a move down the inside of ochilbaz.

ochilbaz manages to defend from conlin one but only by placing his car sideways

as people start to dive in for pit stops the field swaps and changes from front to back, still plenty of battles going on.

ochilbaz goes round the outside of baker through druids, conlin one defends from goodwin.

simon one takes baker and cobragt as they go three abreast down cooper straight and also into surtees

cobragt04 seen here in his paddock hill stance

conlin one showing how not to enter the pits

cobragt04 really showing how not to enter the pits!

eventaul race two winner wicked singe eased away from everyone towards the latter stages of the race, this bit of air through paddocks being his only “moment”.

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good looking photos. Touring cars are great.

Cool write-up and pictures!

love the write up and the pics!! this looks fun

Stupid pit entry!!