Pit Lane is out of track bounds.

Hi, I just wanted to report a bug with the new August update where the pit lane (at least on Suzuka Circuit) is considered out of the track boundary. If you have the mod: clean racing applied and enter the pit lane during the race, you fail the mod and don’t get the XP boost. In my specific circumstance, upon leaving the pit, my assists were also reset to easy.

My exact game setup - Forza GP, unbeatable, TCS off, Stability off, shifting manual, steering normal, race length extra long, track limits proximity markers.

I am yet to try this on any other tracks since the August launch so am unaware of this is track specific or not.


Been reported numerous times and nothing has changed
Just dont use the pits if you use those mods

If you must use sim and pit …try changing to cosmetic…or change to cosmetic and then back again