Pilosito is back! First project the Hulk!

So I finally decided to get the xbox one. Got a sweet deal on Black Friday and got me the s with 1T. Is been so long since forza 4. So I’m back in the horse and looking to make cool designs for the community.

I’m going to start with marvel character mostly but will do other things.

A metroid samus Aran will be on the list to do

So I started with the hulk and is almost done. Here is what I got so far.

Let me know what you guys think.

Will be posting more as I get them done.

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Hulk is looking awesome! Cant wait to see the finished paint and more Marvel characters to whack on my cars.

Thank you!

I made an update and I think is finish now. I’ll be making a few cars with this design and will be uploading them on the game.

If anyone have a specific car they will like to see this design, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Just remember that I just started the game so I don’t have that many cars yet. But Im working on it.

Here is the final design on a doge dart


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So I decided to work a little bit more on the design and change it some. Here is my final version. Enjoy!

Nice job on Hulk paint.

Sweet!! Looks like I’ll have to make more room in my garage!!

latest Hulk paints look great!

Nice work on the Hulk!!

Thanks guys! Im glad you like it. I been busy but I’m almost done with my new project. I’ll be putting it up soon! Is gambit :wink: