Picking the right car

If someone could give me some tips for picking the right car for different tracks that would be great. I think I understand the grip vs speed tracks but I am having trouble finding the right car. I have been a lot of class D races and the 03 Celica has been doing good but think I could find a better solution for some of the speed tracks. Should I start with cars with a high speed rating?

Thx for help.

Unless you want to get to the top of the leaderboard it more or less doesn’t matter which car you choose. Pick the cars you really like to drive with.

If you have problems to finish 3rd or better on speed tracks you can pick a car with a high speed rating. The only thing to mention here is: The ratings of a car are influenced by the upgrades you apply to it, but not by the tuning you do.
Another option would be to take a look at the leaderboard for a specific track and the class you want to race in to see which cars were used to set the fastest times.

This. So much.

It really depends on your driving style. You need to analyze the track and then find points on the track where you are most likely to pass and then find a car that will work well in that situation.

For example, I usually like to pass on the turns, because I prefer cars with lower power but very high handling, so I can maintain speed in the turns and many tracks feature turns that are wide enough to make good passes.

But a track like Bathurst doesn’t really have any turns like this, so I use a much faster car with less handling so I can pass on the straights, because that’s really the only spot I can make a clean pass.

Just like any aspect of Forza, there are many variables to consider when choosing a car for a track.

Pick a car that you can upgrade 5.7 v8. And centerfugal supercharger.

Take a look at the leaderboard, that will give you a hint.

This is the best way to find out what cars perform best.

If you’re looking for cars that are competitive yet still easy to drive, check out the Hardcore leaderboards, as the people on those have set times without using any assists.

Thx everyone for the feedback. I will keep working on it. I have a pretty good tune on the Celica (downloaded) and I am currently playing it in the league this week. Right now I see to be a consistent 2nd to 3rd place finisher which is decent but clearly the people in front of me are still a lot better. It is a great game however and I love spending time trying to get better.

The 03 celica can be used for almost all tracks if you have 3 different builds/tunes.

You’ll need a grip version, a version for the alps, and a higher HP version (aero may not be needed).

The celica is just like the 97 civic. When geared correctly the motor produces really really good top end. The trick is to use all available gears and to always be at the top of the power band.

The car probably won’t be the best at all speed tracks and in that case you’ll need a very high HP low handling car. Top speed rating is irrelevant if you have enough gearing/acceleration. The Bronco or F100 would be my recommendation.

All of the above.

If you like FWD that handles well and as Swerve said is also geared for top end there is a D Class Integra tune by “Stumpyalan” which will serve you well.

One big thing to keep in mind with a speed car build is you need PI to work with. If you are trying to enter a series with a PI limit of say 500 and you start with a car that has 490 PI stock you aren’t going to be able to add power to get to a speed build. Start with a car with lower PI add the suspension parts to make it tuneable, do at least the transmission that allows for tuning of the final drive ratio or you are going to end up against the rev limiter in high gear for most of the straight away. and after that just start throwing HP at it. The stock speed rating doesn’t matter, the speed rating will improve as you put power in.

Keep in mind, some cars have such skinny old crappy tires that you will hit a power limit. They reach a point where the amount of traction required to continue accelerating is greater than the amount of available traction. If you see you have reached a point where as you add more power the PI no longer increases you have reached this point and you should at minimum bump the tire width up a little. Keep in mind doing this will result in big jumps in PI and you may need to go back and take out some of the power. The 40 Ford is one example of a car you can do this with.

Heres a rough list I have been working on and never finished. It in lowest handling to best handling order

Handling stats min and max for each class
e=3.1 to 5.5

Le Mans Classic
Le Mans Classic Night
Le Mans Classic Wet
Daytona Tri-oval
Daytona Tri-oval night
Le mans La Sarthe
Le mans La Sarthe Night
Le mans La Sarthe Wet
Road America East
monza full
monza alt
Daytona 24 H
Daytona 24 H night
Long Beach East
Daytona Infield
Daytona Infield night
Top Gear Loop -R
Top Gear Loop
COTA east
Top Gear Loop wet -R
Top Gear Loop wet
Sebring Short
Sebring Short Night
Yas Marina North
Yas Marina North Night
monza short
Silverstone National
Silverstone National Wet
Road America Full alt
Yas Marina Full
Yas Marina Full Night
Road America Full
Long Beach Full
Sebring Short wet
Sebring Full
Sebring Full Night
Road Atlanta Full
Indy GP
Sebring Full wet
Yas Marina Corkscrew
Yas Marina Corkscrew Night
Nurbirgring GP
Nurbirgring GP Night
Nurbirgring GP Wet
Yas Marina South
Yas Marina South Night
Hockenheim Full
Sebring Club
Sebring Club Night
Sebring Club Wet
Yas Marina North Alt
Yas Marina North Alt Night
Hockenheim National
Top Gear East -R
Top Gear East Wet –R
Silverstone International
Silverstone International Wet
Le Mans Bugatti Night
Le Mans Bugatti Wet
Le Mans Bugatti
Indy GP Classic
Nurbirgring Full
Nurbirgring Full Night
Nurbirgring Full Wet
Prague Short
Prague Short-R
Hockenheim Short
Road America West-Alt
Warkins Glen Short Alt
Road America West
Warkins Glen Short
Indy Oval
Brands hatch GP
Circuit de Catalunya GP
Top Gear East
Top Gear East wet
Laguna Seca Full
Rio mini
Rio mini-R
Brands hatch indy
Spa night
Spa rain
Warkins Glen Full Alt
Brands hatch GP wet
Rio National- R
Rio National
Top Gear Full
Warkins Glen Full
Rio Coast
Rio Coast-R
Nurbirgring Nordschleife
Silverstone GP
Rio Full
Rio Full-R
Bernese Alps Festival
Bernese Alps Festival- R
Nurbirgring Nordschleife Night
Top Gear Full Wet
Silverstone GP Wet
Brands hatch indy wet
Nurbirgring Nordschleife Wet
Prague Full
Prague Full-R
Indy GP alt
Top Gear West
Top Gear West –R
Bernese Alps StadtPlatz- R
Bernese Alps StadtPlatz
Circuit de Catalunya National
Bernese Alps club
Bernese Alps club- R
COTA west
Lime Rock South
Sonoma Short
Road Atlanta Club
Sonoma GP
Top Gear West Wet
Top Gear West wet -R
Lime Rock Full Alt
Lime Rock West
Sonoma Full
Lime Rock Full
Circuit de Catalunya School
Long Beach West
Rio Mountain
Rio Mountain-R