Picked up used copy of Forza Motorsports 4,and i have a question.

Ok i had bought the full game back when it came out,and play it for a bit,but them my xbox quit reading disks,and it was a long time before i could get it fixed.

But that is my current problem.

Over time my copy i had went missing,(i think stolen by a family member),well i just recently wanted to pick up another copy,so i went looking at Gamestop and a Retro game store,and all i was able to find was the Essentials Edition.

Now my problem,some of the cars i wanted to drive are DLC(which would have on disc 2 had i been able to find the full game).

My question is, is there ANY way to unlock those cars without having to try to find the full copy?

Or am i SOL?

It’s data. It needs to be installed on the storage device or the game will not find it.

If it was available, there would be no point in shipping another disc, right?

I’m not 100% sure but you may be able to look at your purchase history and download the data from there. If not then yeah you need a disk 2.

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You need the 2 disc version. I remember trying a friends second disc for installing the content when I only had the Essentials Edition, it would install the content, but wouldn’t work without the Disc 1 from the regular version.