PI system/Car classes

I was really hoping from the bottom of my heart that PI wouldn’t be terrible for a third game in a row, but after seeing today’s Let’s go stream (watching now) and peeping that the GT2 RS is low S2 class (911 PI), I’ve come to realize that we will still have cars (really good cars at that) that will be literally useless in races because of lack of enough classes. The only way to make most cars that suffered from this in FH4 slightly viable was to put off-road tires on them. That’s terrible… How do you do something right on the first game, and then completely butcher it every time after? I hate to be negative, as I’m so excited for this game, but this is just plain disappointing. S2 is way too far from S1 in terms of performance. There should 100% be another class in between. This shouldn’t even need to be said when it’s this plain obvious. FH1 class/PI system was amazing, so what happened after that? I’m actually genuinely sad about this. Lol unbelievable.

I absolutely agree that that S2 needs to at least be split in half, but just an FYI, the 2018 GT2 RS starts at 888 in 5. Mike Brown showed a stock one when he showed off the livery editor changes (note that I didn’t say improvements) in last month’s Forza Monthly. The one in this Let’s Go stream has had stuff done to it already.

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Ok, my bad. I must have missed that. So at least we’ll be able to actually drive the GT2 RS. The point still stands though and that makes me sad. Lol

Honestly, D-Class seriously needs to be divided into smaller classes since it is way too broad. Bring back E-Class and F-Class for goodness sake. Invent G-Class if you must.


Yes that completely makes no sense. I will never understand that. I’d love if they were to bring R3, R2, and R1 back, but I really don’t understand taking out everything under D.