PI changes

Why do they keep changing how the PI works? I still haven’t gotten used to FM5s PI system…

Can somebody please explain why FH1s system wasn’t enough?

F E D C B A S R3 R2 R1 x? (I didn’t play FH1 much)

What was FM3s? That one was my favorite!

FH2 isn’t bad…

D C B A S1 S2 X

I guess what they call them doesn’t matter too much. It’s the PI range that’s more important when playing. I thought FM3 and 4 were a little better than 5 but that may be because it suited the cars I liked to drive. I’m sure they’ll change it up again for 6 but a lot will depend on final car list. Let’s hope every class has enough cars in it to make it interesting.

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F1 car changed thr PI ranges.

The name of the class doesn’t really matter.

How the PI works has pretty much been unchanged it seems. Some high grip cars get higher ratings as they should but others don’t like the mini. Overall though if the car has higher top end it’ll get a higher pi rating even if it is heavy and can’t turn. Thus if the car has great acceleration but low top speed it’ll get a lower rating. Upgrades to the car effect PI the same way.

How to build a car didn’t change in FM5. It’s been the same for a while…build for acceleration without adding parts that drastically increase top speed. Only major difference is in FM3 you had to awd swap every car, in FM4 you had to rwd swap every car and now in fm5 it is several engine swaps.

Swaps will likely be another issue going forward.

How I long for the days of FEDCBASR3R2R1X.


I suspect they change to try and ensure good coverage in each class with the exception of X.

When they had R1 to R4 a few of the classes were a little light on. So they went to R1 to R3.

The bigges problem with PI is that it doesn’t account for tuning, driving style or skill. The car’s base stats only say so much.

Tuned cars should have to be “benchmarked”, and their PI recalculated based on the results.

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Wouldn’t work

Some tunes work well in some drivers hands and not in others.


That’s true, but it’s also sort of the point. Tuning can make a car faster for some and slower for others. The same car, build and tune might have different PI for different players.

Once a player builds (or finds) a tune that matches with their driving style, it’s PI would go up as they set times with it. The reverse would also work, if I build an uncompliant deathtrap, its lap times would reflect this and the PI would drop. If someone downloads it and develops a technique to tame it, they might get the PI to go up, or at least remain unchanged.


That is so abusable its not funny.

I could build and tune a car and drive it slow so the PI drops. Then when I think I have it low enough I can add power and grip and then drive to the best of my ability.

Builds shold have better PI allocations but tunes should be PI neutral - otherwise the system becomes a lot more abusable and it will make the situaiton worse.

What should address your concerns is have more stock car events, leaderboards, races etc

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I think we should do that.

All it would do is cause headaches. Awful awful idea.

How the car is tuned shouldn’t effect PI at all. You would literally have to create new worser tunes just so that your lap times will stay in the proper class. It may even result in faster guys having to drop upgrades just to stay in the class range.

And then what about stock cars? There are instances where a completely stock car can run really fast laps. Would the PI increase because a few hundred people can drive the car really good?

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This actually sounds like a good balancer for online play, but the whole dynamic P.I idea in general sounds like a nightmare to implement/networking and stat tracking hell.

I still like the idea…

It would never work. It’s counter productive to intentionally tune the car badly. What would be the point in playing multiplayer if you know your hours spent tuning a car would be a pointless exercise. What would be the point in mastering a car if you’ll get penalized for being fast with it?

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I never said it would work. The car PI should change depending on benchmarks like somebody said above. But the dynamic PI sound cool…

Yes pi calculation needs adjustment. The emphasis on top speed is something that I never understood since top speed isn’t that important.

Dynamic pi via tuning may work for adjustable down force but that’s about it.

Cars with very high speeds tend to have very fast acceleration. That’s how T10 computes the ratings.

Wow! What a terrible idea!

Agreed… Part of the tune should add or remove P.I. points (like in GT). If you add more down force then it adds more P.I. because you’re making the car handle and brake better without sacrificing acceleration, power or the weight of the car. Most of the faster cars are the ones that have a good amount of grip while maintaing a high level of acceleration. Adding this kind of P.I. system would making tuning more challenging and help evenly spread the playing field of cars.


Removing downforce may be better for speed tracks though.

For example what a lot of tuners do now is add a rear wing to drop pi and then tune it to minimum to get the speed back. They do that because its the best combo when combined with build to get best laptimes. In your scenario reducing rear aero in the tune would drop pi which makes it once again abusable.

Now IF and its a big IF but IF a pi system could properly take account of tuning then you would end up with no point in tuning because if you improve a car via tuning then PI would go up and offset any gain you get.

Problem is if I add aero and get a better laptime and someone else removes aero and gets a better laptime then what should the PI do? And no you can not have different PIs for different players - it needs to be a unform system.

PI should only ever go up if it guarantees improved laptimes in all cases.

I think the current system needs 2 tweaks - don’t penalise increased speed as much as now and do penalise drops in weight more than now.

If you currently add to top speed the PI goes up too much.

Almost every leaderboard car happens to be the lightest when compared to cars with similar other stats.