Physics in FH5

I don’t think there is any changes from Horizon 4. The gameplay in the Bronco going off road in the forest looked very odd sliding and turning like that. I want to know more about what kind of driving mechanics under the game engine Forza Horizon 5 has. Game looks good but it is not tickling my fancy.

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The only thing I noticed which doesn’t change the driving physics is the opening roofs. But that’s a little detail.

I noticed it too. It seems more like NFS style driving. I may be wrong. I’ll be waiting to see more .

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Probably still no dirt physics. Sad.

For me the only things that needs tweaking in FH4 are the low gravity, and the RWD, the rest is OK.

Q: “[Chris Esaki], do you happen to know if @ForzaHorizon 5 uses the new @ForzaMotorsport tire model?”
A: “I actually don’t know but I do know there are some new tire things we haven’t talked about yet that are definitely in Horizon that will be awesome for both games.”

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I too am very curious and worried about the physics. I wouldn’t put too much stock in the gameplay reveal. The cars all had assists on, which impacts things a little.

I don’t need Horizon to be perfect, I just need it to trend in the right direction. Nothing kills a car game to me like arcade physics. I would have loved and played the heck out of Need for Speed: Heat, except the physics were just so terrible. Got 20 minutes in and asked for a refund.

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I agree physics has to feel satisfying to drive or we could get a hardcore mode for people who want no assists whatsoever. I wish the wheels rotated more than 180 degrees, Dirt rally 2.0 does a great job in this regard even on a controller. I love to do more than jamming the steering to the left and right.

The problem with no assists is that it’s no where near real, it;s just massively overstated lack of grip etc, which isn’t true in real life, Forza should be honest and call it 'ice racing mode…without the chain tyres)/

I seen a screenshot of a PGG Dev confirming to a member, that they are borrowing tire physics from Turn 10’s new Motorsport game, but that’s literally all it said.

What do you think will be implemented? So far, I’ve noticed that the tire smoke is more thick than previous Horizons, but that’s it.

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I don’t know why they would want to borrow anything from Motorsport, it has terrible physics.

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Lucky they both use the same ForzaTech engine so they don’t have to borrow anything, it comes automatic with the new version.


Yeah the Forzatech engine like the real car sampled sounds.

The two games do use the same engine … but it’s a different version of the engine with a different configuration. Not all of the new features and enhancements being built for the new Motorsport game will be used in Horizon 5.

With a comment like that, it seems like you haven’t been keeping upto date with the Forza games. The new Motorsport is a revamped game with all new physics.

Well yeah I didn’t get Motosport 7, because 6 was so bad, and also because my XBox One S is the slowest XBox One, and they said it wasn’t recommended for the XBox One S.
But at the same time as M6… FH3 had amazing physics, so PG Games have always been ahead of Motorsport with Physics. If anything… Motorsport needs to borrow physics from Forza Horizon.

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FH3 had some of the worst physics in the series.

I need some examples, that doesn’t sound right.

What? I have been playing racing sims since Grand Prix 2, and FM has the best physics.

I like Assetto Corsa physics except the cars spinning like crazy while braking perfectly straight with ABS (for example BMW Z4, Nissan Z370), it is not how the things are in real life and it really ruins the game.
rFactor 2 is too tail happy, even very moderate throttle on GT 4 car sends it spinning wildly. I don’t believe it and in any other sim (say ACC) it is not the case.
Project Cars 2 has some fun physics, but it is similar to sims from the end of 2000s: easy to spin - easy to correct, too little traction. Doesn’t feel too realistic, but enjoyable

FM 7 looks like the closest thing to reality, and it is very good in representing features of real cars. For example Honda Prelude last gen has neutral handling besides being FWD car, and it is exactly how it drives in game. Shelby Mustangs have very smooth robotic transmission, and in the game it is exactly same. Compare it to AMG C63, this transmission is the opposite of smooth, in game you are toasted if the car decides to switch gears inside the turn.

And the biggest flaw of Forza Horizon - weak physics. It is clearly behind PGR 4, driving with racing wheel is not too much fun. Better physics is the top priority in my opinion

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That’s great, was getting frustrated at FH4’s physics. tires felt like you were on ice, looking forward to the new changes.