Photoshoting Advice!

Hello Folks, i would like to know how to get best shots in FH2, someone could get me some advises?


Blue Beetle!

jump! O.o


Torreto´s 10 second car!

First thing everyone hears, use aperture. Another recommendation would be to play with the settings more, and be adventurous with it. You’ll be able to produce shots you never could have dreamed of.

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In my view good shots can only be achieved with practice and a bit of experience. And while it is a different story for some people who have a natural abilty. Most nature talent still has be trained and tweaked to reach full potential.

Some Tips:

When it comes to capturing a shot don’t be afarid to try out new things. But while it is good to test out things, remember composition is the basis for any shot that is pleasing to the eye of a fellow photographer or artist. Because if you don’t take Rule of thirds into consideration, then any good settings you come across will go to waste.

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The gallery have some realy professional photos, i´m trying to achieve this point. thank´s guys.

Some great advice from two of the best you’ll find around these parts.
As someone who is not on their stellar level, I’d recommend that you have fun enjoying the vast environment and endless photo opportunities the game provides. I believe that taking ideas/inspiration from the others galleries has helped my humble efforts improve (a little anyway) and I’ve had a blast within this community.

Really like this dramatic shot,


Hope to see more soon.

Theres 1000s of books, magazines, websites etc which will give you a foundation to improve on. Most important though is that your enjoying yourself and producing things that you like.