Photos taken on the standard Xbox One

I wonder, will photos taken in Forza Motorsport 7 on the Xbox One 1080p have a 4k outcome when uploaded?

A thought as it’ll be down-scaling for it.

Just a thought even though I’ll have it for the One X.

Your thoughts?

That’s an interesting question. I would hope that T10 would be smart enough to have all pics automatically be 4K. I mean, Forza 4 had the option to take pictures in 4K resolution (Big Shot Mode), so I at least hope there is an option like this on Forza 7.

also a great post. i wonder aswell… my count on FH3 is over 2000 pictures uplodaed to my computer… lol i will move over to Windows 10 but i have som buddys that cant ore dont have the money to buy a brand new consolle at lounch. and they all take photos. allot!

Not in native 4K … no. Because the game on the One or the OneS can’t render images in true native 4K. So any pictures taken on the One or One S would have to be 2K … and then possibly up-scaled to 4K-like resolutions (if something like that is even an option). Pictures taken on the One or the OneS will be significantly less crisp and clear compared to similar pictures taken on the OneX … simply because they’re rendered at 1/4th the resolution.

The native resolution of the console has nothing to do with rendering a still image. Considering the One S can play 4K Blu-Rays, it is most certainly capable of 4K images, just not 4K real-time 3D models.

Forza 4 ran 60fps in 720p but was capable of 4K pictures via the Big Shot option in Photo Mode. Granted, it took almost a full minute to render the photo, but the capability was there (and that was in 2011!).

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I do not claim to be an expert here … but I think we’re talking about two different things. I will have to admit that I never played Forza 4 … so I am not familiar with the Big Shot option or how it worked … but if it was creating 4K resolution pictures, they were not native 4K. They were upscaled and/or interpolated. Which is the same thing that the OneS and the PS4 Pro do with games … they cannot (or at least were not designed to) create native 4K game images or game video. Being able to play a 4K Blu-ray or display a 4K still image is not the same as rendering an actual truly native 4K image. At least not in terms of what I was talking about … which is the game on the console actually creating a truly 4K image. Playing a 4K Blu-ray is just displaying 4K content that was created using other hardware and software.

I stand by my claim that the One and the OneS simply cannot render truly native 4K images from the game engine and game code because they are either not capable or not designed to. If a still shot is captured from the game on a One or OneS … and you’re seeing it in 4K … it’s upscaled and will look very different from a truly native 4K image generated by the game on a OneX.

When the OneX natively renders in 4K, there are 8.3 million unique pixels in the image. When the One and OneS render in 2K, there are 2.1 million pixels. That’s all that the One and OneS can do. No more. Those other 6.2 million unique pixels … that’s the difference in upscaling and rendering in true native 4K. A OneS … or a Forza 4 Big Shot … can still show you 8 million pixels … but it’s not the same unique 8 million pixels you get from the OneX.

Yes they were native 4K. The textures may not have been 4K, but the models were very high-poly and the resolution was, in fact, native 4K.

You’re half right, they cannot do REAL-TIME 4K. But rendering a still image means that you have more than 1/60 of a second to render it. It s entirely possible for ANY machine with graphics capability to do a 4K still image, given enough time. I’ve written ray tracers and graphics engines. I have created perfectly smooth CGI spheres on very old Macintoshes from the 90’s. It is possible, but it takes many seconds to render a single frame.

False. If that were the case, Toy Story would not have been possible in 1995. Real-time render is not the same thing as a still render. See my comment above. Rendering a still image is totally different from rendering in real-time.

Are you telling me that this is what computers were capable of rendering in real-time in 1995? Because that’s exactly what your logic is assuming.

Because pictures have to be upload to the website, I would assume it will not be 4k. That is WAY too much load on their servers. This could explain why we were only allowed to upload 1 Big Shot at a time and the last one was erased completely.

I honestly don’t think it’s necessary to give people the 4k option. 1080p looks just fine given the correct camera settings, plus just make panoramic pictures (Stitching 2+ pictures together to make a whole picture). I haven’t seen them in a very LONG time. Then again I haven’t been around in years.

Cerrax … appreciate your comments and responses. My intent was not to start a forum argument … so I apologize if it ended up there. I still believe we are talking about two different things here and will leave it at that.

Hope you enjoy FM7 however you choose to play it. In the end, that’s what we’re all here for.