Photos going temporarily MIA

Does anyone, or has anyone, have or had experience with some of their photos going (temporarily) missing. I think I’ve a total of, maybe, 9 or 11 photo SLOTS that are reserved for previous photos I’ve taken. Occasionally, however, there seem to be only 3 available for viewing on most days…and then the rest seem to turn up a few weeks or months later–and without any rhyme or reason. I’m talking about the PHOTOS section under the COMMUNITY tab on FORZA 4; basically…my personal storefront (MyStorefront). Has anyone experienced similar disappearances of their (own individual) content, and if so…how were you able to restore said content–if, in fact, you were able to recover it. Is it something I’m inadvertently doing on my end…? In case it’s asked of me later, I’ll include this last bit here–No, I don’t have any of the content in question stored on the cloud. Cheers to any advice that might be out there…even the sucky advice. Kidding. :slight_smile:

All of my pics are loading fine at the moment. The only time I’ve had issues was about a week ago when the servers stopped communicating properly; no one could access any of their photos on this site for several days. But that problem’s since been fixed.

I wish I knew of something to help you, but I just can’t think of anything… Hopefully this “bump” will bring more attention to your problem. Good luck!