I want to ask about photocomp. Is there any chance for a new users to win this competition? Because I see only the same person’s winning every week. Holden8805, Night Viper, Tjhoeker (100% agreed) they have amaizing pics but some other persons are there as well with nothing “super” in my opinion. I have seen something on Instagram of FB that Turn10 choose only person’s with 5k followers or someone popular who is long time on forum or they are winners with Racing Comp. How about that? Please don’t get me wrong. And dont write here any haters stuff. I just want to know is there any procedure every week or something?


I can tell you first hand that it’s possible, I first won in a Horizon 3 photocomp, then later again in Motorsport 7’s photocomp 6. I’ve only won twice, but it’s super gratifying to win. I have noticed a certain few people that get featured multiple times quite frequently, but I don’t want to point any fingers. You may get frustrated when you think you should have won when you compare your stuff to something you see that isn’t too great that T10 picked, but if you have skill and patience, you’ll make it. I did.

I have entered only one time into the photocomp and I was also among the chosen ones - so, yes, everybody has a chance.

Okey thanks guys!

This is not true. Photos are judged anonymously so T10 doesn’t know who the photos belong to when they are looking at them.

Yes I noticed that in info about photocomp. I just said that I have seen this once. It’s okey now and congratulations for the winners.

Just to remind you, i will partially quote here what wonderpill already told you, in one of your forzathography topics.

As you see, its not necessarily the best picture winning, but the best fitting certain criteria. Hope this will help you

Thanks jungsten. I understand that 100% because every week I use theme like everybody else. For example last week I chose Chrion pics (probably they was not good enough). 2 weeks ago I chose cars from DLC. Maybe I just thinks that my pics are good (at least once or two) but there are maybe bad or they have something wrong. But thanks for helping.