[PhotoComp] "Horizon Edition" - Winners announced!

Here is your chance to show off your Horizon cars and win some in game goodies!
I do ask that you please make sure your car is actually a Horizon Edition car before you enter, do not cheat.
All you have to do is submit your best photo (up to 2 entrees) and once voting starts you hope for the best!

You may either post your entry bellow or post it online with “ROMOTOPHOTOCOMP” in the description. But please post bellow with a comment notifying that you shared it online.

Entry Submissions end SEPTEMBER 12th. Top five shots, including a winner, will be selected by my local Forza colleagues on that day.

Other Info

  • Car MUST be a Horizon Edition version
  • Max 2 entrees (any posts after 2 will not be taken in to consideration)
  • In game prize will be given via Xbox Live Message!
  • Winner must be able to verify that the car is truly a Horizon Edition car by confirming with a photo of the license plate.

If you have any questions please do ask away.

Good Luck!

Top Five
Winner: Lofwyr2030, Check your Xbox Live messages for your prize!





Thank you all for entering!




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Here are my entries.



Just to confirm, the description says “ROMOTOPHOTCOMP” as described in your quote, not “ROMOTOPHOTOCOMP”. I hope the missing O from PHOTO is intentional otherwise my photos won’t show up when you search for them :stuck_out_tongue: sorry if I’m being pedantic.

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Fixed, thanks!!

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Had to change your title and op as offering real world money or incentives is against the tos

I was unaware, thanks for understanding!

Horizon Chevelle


One off HELLBOY Chevrolet Corvette Z06 HORIZON EDITION by Fluex:

Limited edition Game of Thrones Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV HORIZON EDITION:


Forza Edition Car Photo comp

Gamertag: chimpfreq

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I threw my hat in the ring. I put ROMOTOPHOTOCOMP in the description as I shared them,…

I chose the H.E. of the Boss 302


2017 Ford GT HE this is my entry the 2017 Ford GT HE ROMOTOPHOTOCOMP


Here are my entries:

Nissan Silvia HE

Toyota Supra HE

Here’s the HE proof:

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Here are my entries
The Nissan Silvia S15 Horizon Edition

(here is the proof that it’s an HE Page Not Found

And my E36 M3 Horizon Edition

(here is the proof that it’s an HE Page Not Found

I didn’t noticed it was romotophotcomp and not romotophotOcomp on my xbox while sharing it. But here, on this post, in the description, there isn’t the O

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Awesome submissions guys, contest ends in 4 days!!

Winners announced tomorrow!!

I posted and shared my primary photo as well as proof.

Were there enough submissions?

Yes! I do apologize I got slammed yesterday, I’ll post the winner tonight!!!