{Photocomp} -Coming Soon- [....] (....) Hosted by: BV

1.Photo taken must be your own
2.No outside editing
3.To be eligible the car must be COMPLETELY under something such as (Yawnings in rio, Bridge in Suzuka OR Inside of a tunnel like in Dubai or Alps) (Being under the roof in the garage does not count)
4. Any car is eligible
5.One entry per person (if you change please post that you did)

There will be 3 photos chosen and each person will get 2 million credits given to them by way of the AH.
To receive credits you must have a Forza Edition car to auction off. You can buy the '69 Camaro for 115k in the showroom. (any FE car will do)
If you win just tell me you put up your car for 2 million and I will buy it.

Winners will be chosen for Quality, Creativity and Overall appeal.
There is no 1st 2nd or 3rd place each photo is equal.
There will be NO bias favorites or automatic winners. This is to help people challenge themselves and get better at taking pictures.
I could also randomly just hand out HONORARY wins for no other reason then I feel like it! (yes a prize will follow but its a surprise …SHHHHH)

Guest Judges:
There could be a guest judge to help pick the photos.
Anyone that judges cannot enter the comp they judge for.
If there is a guest judge it will be announced in a post during the comp.

Guest Hosts:
There might be a guest host for a comp.
Anyone that hosts cannot enter the comp they host.
If there is a guest host it will be announced in the title of the comp and on the opening post.




To receive credits put up any Forza Edition car in the AH for the amount you won. You MUST post in this thread that you have put up the car. Make it last 1 day so I have time to collect the car for you. After everyone has collected their credits I will start the new comp! I hope you all enjoyed this and look forward to another comp coming your way!

Here are your 2 million credit winners:

Dead Poul

This photo was picked for its overall atmosphere. Its very life like and makes me feel like I could almost be there feeling the drops of water forming on me as I stand there watching the car race past me. I can almost smell that fog as it infests the shot. The lighting is perfect in my opinion as to create this effect of a cloudy foggy day that could let on for some rain.


This photo was picked as it is clean from the color to the background. The fine details from the outer wall of the tire to the vents to the mesh on the back. Just looking at this car your eye is draw to some small detail and then it just creates a more personal look at the car. Are you looking at the same small detail someone else is? Or is that detail personal to you. What captures your eye? I bet it’s what you like best about this photo!

Manual Clutch

The amount of extreme detail in this photo could go on for days. From the distant trees to the wood of the bridge supports to the air vent in the front of the car. This photo has the feel of just at a whims notice someone has taken their car to the track for a fun few runs just to see how fast it can go or maybe just to bank some corners. Either way I think any looking at this photo can see the intent of this car to race around the track today!

And your 1 million credit winners:

This was extremely hard to pick out photos. I cannot in good conscious let just reward a few for what so many did just as well. This was the first COMP so I have decided to give everyone something. How everyone that entered this was deserving for their entries. Either being your first entry to a comp or just taking the time to enter or if you’re a veteran and took a shot from a set you had just done. No matter what your level of experience there photos now exist because of you! This is why we are here!

PTG Korniis95
A9 Atlas
James Xbox Live
Morc 57

Past comps & Guests:

"Tunnel Vision"

This is why we needed the auction house. :smiley:

Here is mine

Taken in Alps tunnel.

Can’t resist a photocomp! BV, thank’s for hosting :slight_smile:

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Lovely idea! Sign me up…

Making use of the “quirks” of the lighting in the Dubai tunnel…

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I’ll give it a shot!

Used the bridge in Maple valley in the rain to maximize on the dreary and dark look.

Looks good so far! Here is my entry!

So are entries posted here only or in game with description “photocomp”

In here.

Any comp you see in the Forzatography forum is assumed to be posted in the thread unless specified differently.

Solid entries so far. Here’s mine, it’s under the hotel bridge at Yas Marina.

Was thinking of doing a shot here too!

Ferrari Dino (.png) Tunnel: Alps (No edit)