Photo view accolade - Peel Pic

Appreciate some views if you could please :+1:t2:

Sharecode - 167 332 174

no problem

can every view and like my photo too please… 136 087 784 :slight_smile:

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Liked and liked. Keep on the good work!

Same here, never got any like on any of my photos, so I you got a minute, that would be greatly appreciated!

147 458 598
I posted a bunch of other pics on this week’s photo contest, if you want to have a look Official Weekly FH5 Photo Competition - Week 010 - #5 by RamiBalek

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Been looking for a like on Anything since the game started. Seems the same issue with the Gift Kudos - people take the car but don’t give back.
So far got 1 use on a tune but no likes and none on photos either - not even a look on the last one with the Focus on the Bear…

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Thanks guys, really appreciate your help :+1:t2: When I’m back on the game tonight I will view and “like” all of your pics - thanks again

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Well I’ve only got 6 up there at the mo.
Gave up trying.
The “Focus on Bear” one is 172628867 just in case you happen to would like to help me out. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Also liked!

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Got all of ya viewed and “liked” :+1:t2:

Can players look for anything done by me and like it, I’ve done a few pics tunes and blueprint races, gamer tag same as my forum name. :sunglasses:

I’ll check that tomorrow!