Photo settings inconsistent

has any one had trouble with the focusing? i will have a picture the way i want but then no matter how i adjust the focus it wont keep the whole shot in focus

If aperture is set to 0, everything will be in focus.

The focal point locks at a given distance, not on an object. When the camera position is moved with LS, it will shift accordingly. Changing height with RT/LT has a similar effect, which increases with proximity. However, adjusting pan/tilt with RS, or zoom/rotation with the d-pad, will not shift focus.

If you aren’t in the habit of deciding on a fixed perspective before playing with the rest of the composition, it may sometimes be helpful to adjust focus manually. Try setting aperture to a high number, then increase the focus until your subject has maximum sharpness. Finally, reduce the aperture until you reach the desired amount of blur.

Keep in mind that motion blur increases with higher shutter speed, also according to proximity. Hence, even with aperture at 0, you’ll still need to ensure that focus is locked wherever you want the least blur in action shots.

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I could be barking up the wrong tree here - just wondering how much you know about photography in general?

It could be you’re having issues with depth of field - which you will find is linked in to the aperture settings.

Or speed, which is in short linked in to the shutter speed settings.

In the most basic of terms, the aperture controls how much light is allowed to come through the lens by increasing or reducing the size of the opening which allows the light to travel through the lens towards the film. In real life, all sorts of factors can play in to what you set your aperture to.

The shutter is the mechanism which opens and closes momentarily to allow the light to come through the lens and hit the film. Again many factors impact the shutter speed in real life. If you were taking pictures of a race car in motion, chances are you’re going to try and use as fast a shutter speed as possible - use a slow shutter speed and the car is literally not in the same place it was when the shutter opened and then closed again.

In real life (certainly in the olden days my photography knowledge dates back to) you had to worry about the speed of your film, available light, lens you were using and your subject/ what you wanted to achieve. It was all a bit of a balancing act.

A narrower aperture generally meant holding the shutter open longer and vice versa - you still needed the same amount of light to get to the film to expose it correctly.

As we’re talking about a game here, there is no film but the traditional tools are there so you can achieve similar results to what you could with an actual camera. It might be you want to take a picture of your car in the race and have that in sharp focus whilst the area to the fore and rear are blurred out - try playing with the aperture. Want a super crisp photo of your car even though it’s moving at some speed, try setting a really quick shutter speed, want to be able to see the speed a bit more, well adjust that shutter speed down a little and things like the wheels which are rotating rapidly will begin to blur as will the road surface - getting a bit more motion in to your shot.

Hope that helps a bit?

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I know a lot about photography i have taken courses and have been a hobbyist photographer for years. I didnt really think that Forza was that detailed with their photography feature. I don’t know what my exact settings were on that photo, but you are probably right about it being my aperture messing with the DOF. I am new to the whole Forzatography and still figuring things out, I appreciate the help.

No worries, it was hard to tell from your initial post where you were starting from - no offense intended.

I understand the basics enough to be able to take basic photos - when I look around at what some people are able to produce with the tools available, I’m consistently impressed.

Have fun & glad I was able to help.

P,S, Mrtortoise’s name doesn’t apply to his typing lol - he beat me to the punch!

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