Photo Mode

Is there yet any information about the photo mode?

Firstly I hope Apex will include the photo mode. And even better if I can save photos right in my harddrive. Well… we will see…

You have to buy the Forza USB Camera attachment. It’s like a mini hand-held Kinect for your PC…


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FYI, if you want to capture images at 4K you can use the windows game bar. There is also a known issue with photomode at present where accessing it can sometimes drop the game resolution.

Where can we access the photo’s that we have taken? and where are they located?

So I’ve taken a few shots I’m really fond of, however when I took them I only saved them as opposed to “Save and Share”. Going into the gallery, there doesn’t seem to be a way to share existing pictures to the Forza Hub. Anyone know anything about that? Or does anyone possibly know where the game is saving the pictures on my drive?

“Saved photos cannot be shared: There is currently no way to share a photo once it has been saved. Photos can only be shared by selecting “Save and share” when they are first captured.”

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Known Issues

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I did a Save & Share yesterday and it is now available on this site under Community → Gallery. Shared a smaller version of it on :slight_smile:

Oh man, hopefully they implement sharing from the gallery section. I like these shots too much lol. At this point all I could really do is screenshot them from the gallery, but then the “back” button would be in it. Oh well, I’ll be patient. Thanks for the information

Where is the location of the screenshots?
Which folder? I need an exact location!

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Download the Forza Hub application from the Windows Store and click on the gallery. The photos that you shared in the game are there.

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What’s the default save location for forzatography?

The Forza hub, an app in the W10 store is the only place I’ve found my screenshots BUT it’s only the screenshots I’ve uploaded to the community. I have no idea where the saved ones are stored. Download Forza Hub and you’ll get 2 free cars too.

you need forza hub to export photoshot images.
another way,you can use Game DVR default key Win+Alt+PrtScn to screenshot,default location is C:\Users\Username\Videos\Captures
so first you must open Game DVR funcation

i don’t understand where no one answer the question “Where is the location for saved screenshots?”

where I can find those screenshots which not shared???

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I have the same problem.
Tag me if you find a solution, thanks :smiley: