Photo Mode - X360 version

Pictures from photo mode aren’t uploaded to the website?

I made some photos in-game and uploaded them to the storefront, but they aren’t available to download to my pc :expressionless: (i do have gold)

Yeah happened to me in the First Horizon. Photos didn’t show up for 4 days. Just be patient and they should be there eventually

It’s not that, the photos from theX360 can’t be shared, so they don’t show up on

Can not I download photos 360 version?
I’m was a fun photo mode …

All of us 360 users are having the same problem. I really hope it’s not an Xbox One feature only, because I need to run my Forza Instagram page, and need those FH2 photos. WE NEED HELP. IGNORING US IS NOT RIGHT.


Same problem, that’s really annoying. I’m starting to loose my patience…




Why put in photo mode if you cannot share them with the community? It says in game “upload to storefront” , so hopefully it will work soon. Otherwise, totally useless function the 360H2 photo mode. :-S

You will be able to download when the photo? :frowning:

How did you get these pictures?

i believe these are X1 photos

Looking at the showcase photos, I say they are X360 photos. Maybe they are captures from the screen, though hope that we can share photos with others very soon! (Or at least get some info about it)

not even close, the Xbox One photo’s look much better than that, the lighting, shading, grass textures and car detail look much better than those photo’s

True. But the question remains; where did these pictures came from? I’ve checked my gallery, still nothing… :frowning:

For the record, photos from the One version do not have watermarks.

I was using a video capture tool.
But I’m not able to take only a small image :slight_smile: