Photo gallery fail

Every week it seems your gallery says no photos up loaded.
Can we get a fix on this?

I was in the middle of downloading my photos when I’ve just had exactly the same. ‘no photos uploaded’.
Being that I am not the only one, we can probably assume there is server maintenance or something.

Edit: Photos are still available in-game, so all is not lost. Just ride it out I suppose.

No this happens alot.

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same problem here
waiting for a solution

Considering, this thread was only created on the weekend, and the time now (as of writing) is Monday 15.30 UK time / 07.30 PST. The guys and gals in the US haven’t even started there working week yet. They wouldn’t have even seen this thread yet. So I suggest holding tight.

Just for clarity though, we are discussing the website gallery which isn’t showing any uploaded content.

Personally I have 88 images visible in-game, with which my storage is now full. So I do require a purge/download to PC, to free-up space. I am unsure of how to proceed.

Thankyou for your time. Paddock720.

This has been going on well before the weekend.

All back up and running. Thanks guys

Gallery not working again!

The gallery has been down most the time since I purchased the game. This has never happened so much in the history of Forza.

So many bugs in this game like never before.

And they want us to spend more money on this game next week with the first expansion? No Thanks. Fix the actual game first before expecting people to pay for an expansion which will probably has all the same bugs.