PG Must like Led Zeppelin

Have you noticed that nearly all of the songs in the game are inspired by Led Zeppelin? There is definitely ‘Black Dog’, and ‘Whole Lotta Love’ in there, and some others. Black Dog is used twice in two different songs by breaking it into pieces.

Lucky for them that Led Zeppelin stole the songs from other artists anyway so they aren’t likely to get in trouble for it.

‘Black Dog’ is a Zeppelin original. "Whole Lotta Love’; however, was not, but only the lyrics the rest is an original.

I’m curious to see a list of these “nearly all the songs in the game” that are inspired by Led Zeppelin. I have a strange feeling that at least one entire radio station (if not more) will be completely devoid of even the faintest resemblance to LZ…

And probably all the other stations too.

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They are definitely copied, not by accident.

Care to actually provide some evidence (or even name some of the songs you’re talking about)? Or are you just trolling…

Trolling is pretty much invented just to insult people, it’s often not real (I’m a scientist I study psychology). As for finding the songs, I will let you know when I play the game next as I have been mostly using the vinyl editor without music playing.

Horizon XS Down To The Bottom is a match for Whole Lotta Love…

Combine it with Grease 'You're The One That I want.'

Uh…how? I don’t hear it at all.

Keep in mind, inspired by is not the same thing as copied.
Music in general will sound similar in all genres and that is due to many factors.

That’s good then, you make it very easy for me to create original music in the same way.

While I am sure you are correct in many cases, I assure you there is never any Led Zep influences in the one and only station I listen to: Timeless FM. (lol)

That being said, I mostly play the game with the radio turned off.

What about Kashmir & The Ocean?