Hi first im not the one who started this petition but I can’t believe not more people want the custom lobby back in this game WE absolutely needed this in the game IT IS VITAL !!!

It only takes 2 minute to go there and sign the petition for that critical update the game need ASAP

Without these open custom lobby we can’t make fun anymore by doing what we like, we are obligated to do some racing… I mean sorry DEMOLUTION DERBY This is insane the game is not the same anymore the best forza so far was the forza 4 with MOST of the car that we see in real life AND the open custom lobby where we can do ----- CAR MEET , DRIFT ’ DRAG WITHOUT THAT 3 SEC DELAY , MEETING NEW PEOPLE ****** and WAYYY MORE because most of the people dont care about doing some race with nooby kid that cant drive a car

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this need to happen spread the word guys we need to make this happen because turn 10 seems to not realized what is vital

I dont care if anybody think there is a server reason so they cant do nothing NOOOOOOO this need to happen we need custom lobby online in forza 6 today tomorow NOW !!!



Ryan Erickson

Public user created lobbies were a critical social networking element to the forza franchise. It allowed people from all motorsport backgrounds to find lobbies with like-minded people that want to participate in types of motorsport that are not available in the normal list of Turn 10 created gametypes. Cruising, tandem drifting, car shows, high way pulls, soapbox derbies, cat and mouse, limbo, last man standing, custom drag, drift and racing lobbies were just a few of the heavily popular game-defining gametypes that forza has been known to support and depended on to be a diverse game that allowed all types of motorsport to be appreciated and noticed. Without user created lobbies being available to the public, getting enough people to come participate in these types of motorsport is very difficult. Regardless of your motorsport preference, EVERY forza player can appreciate the ability to make custom lobbies that apply to them and share them with the community to help spread the fun and make it an overall better experience. It is CRITICAL that this feature is implemented on Forza Motorsport 6, otherwise the purchase of this game will not be worthwhile for me and many others in the forza community. By signing this petition, you agree that this feature needs to be added or the purchase of this game does not make sense.

The community has been suggesting this feature for a long time, ever since it was no longer supported in the last two installments of the forza series, Forza Motorsport 5 and Forza Horizon 2. It has consistently been ignored even though it has been one of the hottest topics trending in the Forza community. Since Turn 10 and Microsoft will not listen and just assume that we will purchase this game anyway, I have made this petition to speak out as a consumer and everyone that signs this petition will have their voice heard. It is time for a change. Turn 10, in whatever ways necessary, please implement public, nameable, easy-to-find, user created lobbies for your most devoted fans to enjoy.

I signed and have shared it with the 2O4F club to sign. I agree this is an absolutely vital piece to the community.

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Nice spread the word please !

Signed. If things don’t improve I doubt i’ll be buying FM7, also I won’t be surprised if this thread gets locked for whatever non-sense reason.

good keep it up talk about it to your friends share it on your facebook tweeter instagram whatever WE NEED IT TURN 10 PLEASE

Mods will lock this and point you to the “wish list” thread. I applaud the effort though!

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I already put this in MULTIPLE thread so everybody can see it if the mods are blocking this there are stupid because it as no reason to be remove this need to happen !!! No matter what its the most important feature in the game

I think you should post this on some of the fm6 fb pages, there are a few with a few thousand members

Yes you right , im gonna post on some facebook page this might really help to get more than 1000 people that will sign this !!!

You should post this on the Forza subreddit too.

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its done ive just send it on the forum thank you for showing me that I appreciate it a lot



thanks guy ! im happy to see its kinda work but we always need more SPREAD THE WORDS PLEASE