PETITION: Fix Online Racing Wait Times

Problem: Online races have absurd and unnecessary wait times between races ranging anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. This equates to anywhere from 25 minutes to over an hour of idleness to complete a session consisting of 5 races. This is insane and unacceptable!!!

Why does this issue need to be fixed?

  • Player Retention: Players will avoid online races which is not good when online races is one of horizons key replayability factors.
  • Revenue: Forza car packs historically include meta cars which many players such as myself will purchase to have an advantage over others in online races. However players won’t bother purchasing these car packs if they avoid online races or give up on the game altogether.
  • Long Term Issue: This bug has been present since the latter half of FH4. The impact at the time was noticeable and unacceptable. This bug has been carried across to FH5. This is not acceptable!
  • Time Wasted: Consider the total time wasted by all players waiting between racing.

What you as a player can do to help: Please leave a comment on this thread focusing solely on this problem to raise attention to this issue.

Message to the devs As a fellow developer and long time player of the Forza Horizon series I can fully understand this problem may be out of your control in terms of a priority fix. My request to you is please escalate the priority around this issue and convince whomever needs convincing in order to get this fixed by the end of this year. I would be shocked if this issue takes more than 5 working days for 1 developer to fix. A fix which would pay for itself ten fold in the long run as per the reasons stated above. Not to mention how much the Forza community will appreciate your actions, even if we don’t know who you are.


I’m absolutely with you on this but I have no hope the devs of PGG will adress this or most of the other problems the game has simply because they didn’t care in the past why would they change their behaviour?! Problems like these have been communicated loudly for FH3+4 but it rarely changed anything. If in fact this game stays as broken as it is now this will be my last PGG purchase. I’m so disappointed. The game itself isn’t at fault, its the “mechanics” behind it.

I don’t expect a fix, some of these same issues were present in FH4. The continuous disconnections are somewhat new, but even while FH4 became somewhat stable while playing online, the wait times between races were ALWAYS atrocious. I expected more in FH5 and I don’t think expecting online stability and fast races is asking too much for this type of game. It’s literally what the game is about, a free-roam online multiplayer racing game. I only race online and I only want to race class A and S1 but in horizons online I can’t even pick my class or surface. To get a race I want I have to “quit” out of a bunch of mixed surface and cross country races, go back into online and see what race they offer me next. It’s the end of 2021, to not be given options as to what class of car I want to race on what type of circuit is laughable. To not be given multiple options of races to choose from when I go to “online” and select the first option is, at best, strange. You’re given one option. If you don’t like it you have to exit out and go back in and see what option they give you next. It’s ridiculous. Even when you finally find a road surface to your preference in a car class of your preference, if you don’t get disconnected and are able to continue, the next series may be another mixed surface race when it cycles. The design decisions in this game are beyond my comprehension. I get that they want people to use all types of cars and maybe some race types were ignored by online players in FH4, but to try and force this upon players is a joke.

I still have issues with some design choices (as mentioned above), but I was wrong about connectivity issues not being fixed. For me at least. I was able to play 3 hours nonstop in Horizon Opens online and didn’t have a single disconnect. The wait times between races was cut roughly in half. It takes me about 7 minutes to have a smoke, and before the hotfix I’d have at least 1 and maybe part of another, but today I didn’t finish a single smoke before my race was ready. Anecdotal perhaps, but real world lol. The stability fixes I experienced went beyond that though–not only was I not disconnected, but I was able to cycle through repeated venues, car classes, and road surfaces, 5 races each. For me, the online Horizon Opens (racing against randos) is now on par with where FH4 was for the previous year, and while that may sound like a backhanded compliment, it’s not, that’s actually quite remarkable to bring it on par after 1 small hotfix. Again though, I’m not addressing anything online other than Horizon Opens, I haven’t (and won’t) try the other online modes. Once they get everything fixed and stabilized, then maybe they’ll address some questionable design decisions many of us have.

I’ve not played too much online, but my waiting times were between 30s and 3m. Not sure, where you get these long waiting times from.

Play more then, and sooner or later you will encounter long waits.


Even 3 minutes is too long in all honesty. I got through 2 and a half Open race adventures last night in just short of 2 hours. That’s ridiculous.

Has anyone noticed any sign of intelligent matchmaking by the way? The majority of my online races end in very easy wins, unless I miss a checkpoint because I don’t yet know the courses. Would be ok if I was gradually building my rank up but is no fun at all when there is no competitive element outside the specific set of races you are doing.

Basically, the online experience is appalling bad.


I recognize your name from FH4, youre a GM so I know that youre fast and I too am finding the same problem. I have seen maybe 1 guy who was even near my skill but otherwise its a complete blowout, even while using non meta cars. Nothing like waiting 10 mins between each race to not have any competition or a rank to show for it.

Agreed! It’s ridiculous with better hardware that these fast travel and loading times between races are this long.

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If they actually fix this I will buy the game and all addons. As it stands now, with so many returning bugs from fh4 its not worth it to invest in a company that obviously cares little about player satisfaction. The all mighty profit margin is all that seems to matter to them.
The problem existed before Steam was added, but adding Steam made it 10 times worse. Steam should either be on its own server or they need to address the issues caused by them.

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Exactly. I have my cash ready to buy all car packs, expansions etc as soon as they fix these issues and preferably when they bring back ranked racing… Until then they aren’t getting a dime

+1 on this but I doubt it’s gonna chance anything since it’s been there since FH4

The fix is making everyone install the game on an SSD and locking Xbox One out of the mode.

As someone who plays this game using a base xbox one. Loading times are atrocious. I play loading screens more than I actually race and so I wont be returning to the game until I can get a series x.

I am OP and will admit I’ve noticed an improvement around wait times over the last week or so. I still think there are issues here need fixing but it’s playable for now.

Quitting a race is painful, too. Can take 30-60 seconds.

When i enter a Online race, there is a timer. that counts down until the next event is starting.
BUT the load times after that is short.

The longest limes i have waited before the next race in a championchip is in the Horizon Tour., where all have to drive to the next location.

I am on a Series X.
I have not played it on my One S.