Personal paints locked

My own paints that I have painted myself from scratch are locked - as if they were downloaded from the storefront.

I can’t edit them at all. I wouldn’t be bothered, but one that I was trying to import from a previous forza is misaligned with the car in FM7, and I can’t edit it to fix it.

Is there a way round this issue? I’m guessing I’m not the only one. Did a quick search but nothing.

Weird - new one on me that Claret. I’ve imported paints from 5/6 & FH3 with no issues, is it happening to all of your paints or just a couple?

Imported from a particular previous title? I guess the more info the guys have, the more likely they are to come up with a fix or to isolate the issue. I’m on Xbone original - could do with stating what system you are using as well.

It was imported from Forza 6 on the ONE S.

It seems to be just happening with this one paint on the Golf R

Interestingly (read annoyingly) I had 2 versions of the paint with a very small change on one. I’ve tried to import both and both are locked.

I created all the vinyls myself

It will allow me to share the paint, just not edit it.

It was also happening with random tunes for a while, and I know that was happening to others too. But that seems to have disappeared.