Performance Index Roundabout

For those of you that regularly surfed the public lobbies in Forza 4 (especially in the months leading up to the release of Forza 5 and the Xbox One), you might recall this name.
The concept is pretty simple, each race is restricted to a single performance level index starting at 100 and goes up one by one until it hits 999. You are only able to use the cars available within that specific performance level. If there is no car there, the level will go up to the next closest one that does have a car. When it comes to DLC cars ,if it is the only one available and not everyone has it, then the level will be adjusted to include the next lowest level.

This is a multi night thing, considering there are 1000 PI levels.

I am curious to see what the interest would be for this. I don’t have any set days or anything to do it. The only thing I know is that it will be sporatic. If you are interested in doing this, reply to this or shoot me a message on the Xbox.