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So, I recently purchased the Limited Edition (A700) Aston Martin Vanquish, as I needed an A-Class car to race in Career and given that it was the Limited Edition model, I thought it would be tuned perfectly. Boy, what a HUGE mistake that was! The car - at least for me, a newbie to Forza - is absolutely horrible to drive. It has incredibly slow speed (I get passed by numerous cars in straights), you have to press the brakes all the way in to have any effect and more importantly, its all round handing is awful. I’m playing with a Wheel (TX 458), and currently have my wheel rotation at 270 (so perhaps that needs changing?), but I have to wrestle with it in order to move he car in either direction.

Now, this is a big change for me, as I’ve been driving the Lotus E21 for the past week, and that is such a absolute JOY to drive; perfect handling, turning and breaking etc. I just wanted to ask other (more experienced) people therefore, what they think are other cars that have similarly great handling and breaking feel etc? Any class, price, manufacturer.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

tunes by worm

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Unfortunately there are no worm tunes for LE cars,
@OP you can download other tunes for the vanquish, and if you are slow on straights you should at least get an advantage coming faster out of turns, when you have a good handling tune that should give you enough advantage not to be passed on straights

Get yourself a Ferrari F50. Properly upgraded and/or tuned, it’s one of the best handling A-class cars in the game right now.


I don’t think I can tune the Limited Edition model of the car, but even then, it is supposed to be fine tuned by Turn 10 (and hence the A700 rating), and it feels incredibly disappointing that it drives this bad despite this tuning. Initially I thought it was down to the wheel (i.e. something had broken inside it), but after driving the Lotus E21 straight-after, I realised it was the Vanquish itself.

I’ll definitely look into that mate; thanks.

Any other suggestions? I have the Day One, VIP, Limited Edition and Season Car Packs if that helps.

Tuning does not change PI. Upgrading does. The A700 just means it has had parts added.

Some of the LE cars can be detuned just enough to add adjustable parts on them. This may involve roll cages, oil upgrades and a few others. With the Vanquish I ended up upgrading mine in S class though. I can not remember trying but I assume this means I was not happy with it in A even after tuning.

If you want great handling cars our of the box don’t get the LE cars but get others and try Tuned by Worm or try some other tuners and try to find one whose tunes you like.

You could try the Ford Escort and try my B class tune. It is for the tighter, handling tracks.

Thanks mate, will do.

I’m new to Forza (first ‘proper’ Forza game I’ve played and first time using a wheel), and just getting my head around what all the different custom/upgrade options mean is a tough/time-consuming job. Hopefully one day, with enough knowledge, I can make and upload my tunes for others ha!

Besides the F50 mentioned;

Audi TT RS Coupe (Day One edition base) = magnificent to drive, I don’t think I have my best tune shared, but I’ll check when I get home and make it available if you like.
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta = Nearly maxed out component upgrades take it into class A, and it drives like a dream, wonderful sounding motor.
Ford GT = Nice mix of power, speed and handling. I find this car performs on most mid-long tracks very well depending on the track, just need to tweak it to taste.
Lancia 037 = What a beast, basically push down the gas pedal and use the brakes only when you absolutely must, just up/down shift to change speeds. I prefer the RWD variation, but the AWD handles even better at the sacrifice of speed and acceleration. Again, a winner on just about any track.

Responding with addition info based upon Sat’s post:
LE Cars: The only LE car I like OOTB (out of the box) was the Audi RS3 Sportback.
Ford Escort RS Cosworth: This car is uncanny, from class D - B it drives on rails and can compete on any track. I absolutely love my class D tune and can win on any track against “Unbeatable” drivatars which I beat like a rug.

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Thanks for the additional recommendations mate; saved me a lot of time and more importantly, those hard earned credits ha!

That would be great, and much appreciated.

Is there any way to test-drive a car before purchasing/spending your credits on it (would have really helped with the Vanquish for example)? I know of the rent-car glitch, but I’ve wondered why Turn 10 doesn’t just include an option where you can test-drive a car before you buy it (of course while renting you cannot play online, play with others, or earn XP etc). Seems fairly logical in a racing game.

Is there any way to test-drive a car before purchasing/spending your credits on it (would have really helped with the Vanquish for example)? I know of the rent-car glitch, but I’ve wondered why Turn 10 doesn’t just include an option where you can test-drive a car before you buy it (of course while renting you cannot play online, play with others, or earn XP etc). Seems fairly logical in a racing game.

Try the “rent” option, there’s a good selection of cars to try before you buy. Careful though, you won’t earn credits when using them.

Sorry for asking this, but I’m quite new to Forza 5: How do I rent a car?

In and online lobby - when you join the lobby, you can choose cars from your garage but the first item will be say “Rent Car” or something like that. Also when you click on your car at the top left (when you are already in a lobby) you can click on “change car” and “rent car” here as well.

But the cars are stock I believe. I don’t think you can load a tune on these rental cars and you won’t get any credits or affinity from your race. I don’t think you get driver experience either but I might be wrong there. I’ve only rented a car once for the 2.4 hour of LeMans when I first got the game. …I didn’t own a P1 car.

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Vw beetle in C,B or A class that thing is so easy to drive.
I have tunes up for it.

I recently discovered this little gem of a VW for A class racing as well. It is the funniest thing when it out performs a Ferrari, Corvette, etc. It is really good on tracks like Long Beach ( great acceleration, tight turns. I consistently get silver and sometimes gold in the no collisions A lobby. Just a ton of fun to drive and man does it corner with the right tune. Even on tracks like Spa, you will be surprised at it’s speed, but again, you have to try out the different tunes available for it.

Also agree about the F50 as someone else mentioned. I found an A class tune by CQR Takumi, that is not only fast but handles really well. With most other cars, it seems you have to sacrifice one for the other.

And finally, you can’t go wrong with tunes from TG Wormburner (also goes by Tuned By Worm), Raceboy77, CQR Takumi. Not sure if all people know this, but when you see a tune by someone you like, you can choose to follow that creator and then their tunes will always show up first in the list, provided they have done a tune for that particular car. Certainly better than having to use the search every time you change cars.

Thanks, Rescue


I typically buy cars based upon their looks or based upon some idea in my head rising up from my childhood reminding me of racers in the past.

Having said that, I don’t test drive cars, but when I’ve used one in one of the rival spec races, if I liked it I’ve definitely gone out and acquired one. When I first started driving and was low on funds (prior to getting that 6m credits from Forza Rewards), I took that Ford Escort RS Cosworth out and made a mark in the Class D rivalries (scroll to the right of the monthlies) and set top 200 times on every track I touched. I didn’t even have to tweak to the track, I’d just load it up and run it until I was happy with my run and before too long I was swimming in credits. Honestly, as a broad brush to paint with, that car is just money in the bank for me. Its SHALB numbers don’t even stand out, but it does everything right, at least for me and my driving (I have the Tx wheel as well).

Wheel settings (for A class):
Steering: 1/100
Accel: 1/98
Decel: 1/98
Clutch: 1/65
Handbrake: 1/65
Rumble: 75%
Forcefeedback: 50%
DOR: 360 (on both Advanced Settings and on the wheel = 2 blinks with Mode+Left-Dpad)

Lotus 2-Eleven A-Class
Mitsubishi Evo 8 C-Class

There my fav two. Not much speed but extreme handling, which more than makes up for lack of speed :slight_smile:

Well there are some good recommendations above but you are comparing apples to oranges. I have that car. What I did was lower the tire pressures a bit based on evaluating tire temps in tuning test drives and adjusted the brake balance and force for my driving style. Sounds like you are trying to corner at greater speeds than its tune or in this case car build will allow. The E21 can turn at much greater speed and handles better in general because of tuning, aerodynamics, body style, and down force. If you don’t exceed the car’s grip temps won’t get too hot and the handling will be consistent however poor it is. The car is not horrible if you don’t push it too hard. Try 28.5 front and rear and use brake line assist for a little. See if it’s a bit better. Are you driving with TCS on or off? Have you set all your dead zones to 0 or 100 if you are using a control. Good throttle control is key. Something I still have trouble with sometimes.

In terms of ease of driving/handling, these have worked pretty well for me:

D Class: Mini
C Class: Honda CRX Mugen
B Class: Alfa 33 Stradale
A Class: F50. The X-Bow is the top LB car and while I don’t find it a nightmare to drive, I’m clearly underperforming in it, for some reason.

Some of the little cars I find difficult if you bump the class up too much. The VW Beetle in B class might work for others but it was giving me fits.

Regarding specific tunes, all I can say is experiment.


The LE cars are not tuned despite what the promotional material may say. The cars are simply built to the top of a particular class. Hence why some drive like turds.

The LE aston as is isn’t too bad. It was pretty competitive for being untuned. I know I won races with it. The speed was fine and handled the corners pretty well. It was a bit snug, but that’s to be expected. Sounds like you weren’t racing it on the right tracks. The brakes were bad though.

If you want something easy, a 97 civic and crx along with any subaru drive well. The audi tt is pretty nice too.

I agree on the F50, I love the F40 as well.