People that use macros to “snipe” auctions

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This really pisses me off seeing this kind of stuff going on with this game. Not sure how rampant this is, but I hope T10 is able to do something about it. People with legendary status using these types of tools could literally lock up a huge majority of the desirable rarities and hold them ransom for exorbitant amounts, or just never put them back into circulation. I don’t think that’s happening just yet, but it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility if left unchecked. I already own pretty much all of the non-autoshow cars that I care to own, but it’s difficult and time consuming enough trying win rare cars without the unfair advantage these macro users get. Is T10 able to detect this kind of behavior? I see ppl always talking about on r/forza.


I still can’t get a lowly Subaru WRX STi '04 through wheelspins, and though I check the auction house often, I’ve never seen one for sale. How can this lowly car be this rare?

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While I definitely agree with you that bots are cheap tactics, if it makes you feel better, the “random search” script in that video is much less efficient than knowing how to properly snipe via console (human button mashing snipers use a far more efficient search method than what that bot does). The script is definitely much faster at searching for ONE specific car, but it cannot snipe a variety of cars as quickly as a human on a console can. A bot still requires luck and you will see the bot still got beat out to the Ferrari 812 Superfast @ 6:12 (albeit, by another PC user, so you can draw your own conclusions…), so in the 11 minutes that the bot was sniping it resulted in 4 out of 5 cars sniped (Audi TT RS, Boneshaker, Caddy Limo, and Crown Vic). I would bet bots are mainly focused on sniping PO cars and the Ferrari 812, at the moment. I usually spend an hour or two a week sniping, when I am bored or waiting for buddies to get online to do online adventures. Here is the latest result of my 1 hour of sniping:

56min of Sniping (on Xbox w/ controller) - 13 rare vehicles if I were to cherry pick the best 10 minute block of sniping it would be right after the #25 RTR Mustang where I get the Twin Mill, '79 Camaro, '02 GT-R, #88 RTR Mustang, Austin Taxi, '11 Raptor in the span of 6 minutes (less than 1 minute per car). It’s all luck in having timed the searches perfectly.
Sniping 1

3 Maserati MC12 Versione Corsa in less than 2 minutes, while waiting for onlined ranked adventure (2 popped up in a single search and then a 3rd two searches later… pure luck of the timing).
Sniping 3


You my friend should get perm ban for this.
I have a lot unique cars and now I will be removing them from my garage instead selling them…

PG shame on you! You see and do nothing as always…

Bugs… glitches… and other crap…

So don’t even bother to look out exclusive cars on auction house if you playing on xbox? Good work PG!

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So he should be banned for using the AH for it’s purpose?

Come off it.

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He is doing nothing wrong… just fighting the boredom while waiting. Personally, I don’t like the AH and go out of my way to avoid using it. I mean, in the end, no one playing this game needs more money. It just isn’t necessary. Besides, what is the goal of people who snipe auctions? If you go from $100M to $400M why does it matter? I have $50M and throw money around like it grows on trees…but I just seem to continue accumulating the stuff. I get wheelspins almost faster than I can use them and all I do is drive… no skinning, no blueprinting, no AH’ing…

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He did nothing wrong, he just searched for cars, and bought them, that’s what an auction is.


Same here. I’ve been itching for that STi, but when I look up one, its either 20,000,000 buyouts, or just not there. T10 must have a system in which Rank 5 painters or tuners can see the exclusive cars, and sell them for ridiculous prices. We need to fix that, soon.

P.S: How do you get to Rank 5 in painter or tuner? I’m curious.

I saw what you did there! LOL

I am on Xbox (Xbox One S)… I use my fingers to push buttons on a standard xbox controller… I know how to use the AH search UI efficiently… Not sure why you think I need a perm ban… You mad bro?

Painter and Tuner Rank are based on gaining influence (from level 1-4 you get 10 influence per download, 100 influence per like, and 20 influence per use. PG also informed me that the returns are diminishing on your tunes/liveries; the more they get downloaded, liked and used, the less influence you get per download, like and use), after level 4 influence gains seem to glitch for most users and the only way to continue to gain influence is with each shared tune or livery you get 100 influence and you stop gaining any influence from downloads, likes and uses).
These painter and tuner ranks have nothing to do with your ability to search the AH or sell cars for 20,000,000. AH searches and functions available are the same for everyone no matter what. You need to become a legendary tuner or painter to list cars at 20,000,000. This requires a combined 50,000 downloads, likes and uses of either your tunes (Legendary Tuner) or liveries + vinyls (Legendary Painter).

The easiest way to ensure someone gets a rare care that “needs” it, is to post it for 20M Credits. Snipers and Bots do not want a 20M buyout car. I have many people that message me asking me to buyout their GT40s at max price or something so they can get enough CR to make a 20M buyout, which I gladly do (after verifying by screenshot they don’t have the funds to make a 20M buyout and that they do their own work to get to the point where I can easily “give” them 20M), I have no need for CR and I know the car is going to someone that “needs” it. The worst thing you can do is post a rare car for less than 20M. Snipers and Bots normally sort their searches to less than 10M buyout to avoid 20M buyout cars. The most surefire way to get a car to an intended buyer is to post it for 20M so that snipers and bots are avoided and other random people are taken out of the equation. The only exception to this is PO cars which will get sniped regardless of buyout price because they are worth actual currency. As far as “greed” goes, Ebay is where the problem is… PG needs to work something out to stop these “services” on Ebay from selling FH4 “products” as with any game that has a grinding aspect there are people making IRL profits for “farming” resources.


I’m Rank 5 you don’t get anything special.

There should be a auction search cooldown period. Say, max 2 searches per minute, 20 searches per hour, 200 per day. That’d give us humans a fair shot at it. No more sitting there for an hour tapping controller buttons.

Also, they should encourage people to free up their rare but worthless cars by raising the max auction prices for average folk. Some rare cars just aren’t worth selling.


For me, it’s not about the low maximum payout. I own every single car and still have over 50M and 500 wheelspins. I just don’t want to give those cars to any of the snipers plaguing the auction house.
If I could assure my rare cars would find an owner who honestly needs/wants them I would list all my rare duplicates and spin all my wheelspins to provide even more. But why throw them into the greedy throat of snipers?
An attitude I can’t understand in the first place. For what reason do I need countless duplicates of the same car? To gain even more money in a game where money becomes obsolete at one point?
For hoarding stuff they’ll never use, just for the sake of having lots of desired objects?
I don’t get it.

Regarding the topic: You want to introduce cross-play between Xbox & PC? That’s what you get for cross-playing with PC - in every single game.


I think that way also before but sometime ago i start thinking that yeah somebody may snipe cars that i put in auction but also there is possible that i make some people really happy when he is able to get car he is been looking for and many of those cars would just been collecting on dust on my garage other wises because i allready have more credits than i can never spent. But i dont spin wheelspins to provide more of those because it’s just lead garage being full all the time (i have 700 wheelspin and 50 super wheelspin)

And for me it’s depend on car, for example 599XX EVO i have 5 of those because i have 5 different tune for that car (two S2 class race tunes, speed glitch tune, low aero goliath tune and full aero speedzone/race tune) but i would have 5 of those cars even if i could buy those from car show (for example i have 4 Ferrari California T)

And you are right cross-play allways introduce these kinda problems that wouldnt have if forzas would still be xbox only.

And what i have learn that new cars is totally pointless even try to get from AH in first few days, like 599XX i was able to get one in second day after searching over 10 hours but when i wait 5 days and then search i was able to get 3 in just couple of hours.

Just use an exponential delay. That way, you can make several searches rapidly without noticing a delay, but bots would quickly delay themselves for hours or days.

Yes, that would work, that’s a good idea.

Not sure if this real speed, but if it, and you are looking to trade a cra with a friend, that you or he really wants, good luck.

If that’s really a thing they should give everyone every car, the entire purpose of the AH is ruined by this. At least a separate AH for xbox and pc.

I’m always a bit surprised to read this. Every rare I listed on AH for 20m was sold within first 5 minutes, most - within 1 minute. Demand for actually rare cars is such that the price is not a stopping factor at all.

Also, considering there’s literally nowhere to spend credits on in late game, if you are an actual car collector, 20m (which is current limit) can’t really be a stopper.


I’ve put up wheelspin exclusive cars for sale and they sell before it’s even finished uploading the data to the auction house. It’s often the same player that buys them too, had one guy snipe my Civic and Hummer at the same time.