Peel P50 needs a nerf

Due to the car’s obscenely low specs, well below the D100 lower limit in the game, the P50 can actually be substantially upgraded and still be ranked “D100”. Doing that, combined with the car’s extreme light weight, makes a car that is completely unbeatable in D100, “minimum spec” races. Upgrading the car’s performance should upgrade its spec to a comparable level based on its acceleration and top speed. You can literally run circles around other D100 cars in drag races and win.

And you guys all thought this was a joke topic asking to nerf the “worst” car in the game just to make fun of all the other “nerf this car plz” topics. Ha!


Right, carry on.

Maybe they should just ban all cars from car racing game and have our avatars casually walk the streets of Edinburgh, that should please everyone, right?

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Both Peels are severely overpowered. Choosing a random sprint race, Cotswold Super Sprint, rivals times for D class:

  1. Peel Trident - 2.25.312
  2. Ford Coupe - 2.38.525 (first non Trident)

Just the 13 second gap…


No, we already knew it’s overpowered - you are not the first to spot this, believe it or not :stuck_out_tongue:


Pay to Win … At least there’s value in the DLC


Everyone has it, its barn find and so with us from the start.


P50 isn’t DLC.

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Sorry, i was referring to the Trident.

I want more nerf cars, these are cool

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P50 sucks in A and B class. Since D class is not available in Ranked there is no need for a nerf.

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It needs nerfing for those who like running C and D class rivals. It’s silly to have a mode where one car is probably an average of 10 seconds quicker on a lot of different tracks. I don’t really do C or D class rivals but it’s fair to say that I’d be a lot more likely to do so if the Peel didn’t exist. For those who actively enjoy challenging themselves with lower class cars, it must be a real irritation.

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Just like the Trash-tor, I refuse to use it at all, ever. Any rival notification i receive by way of peeling, I delete it right away. If you’re gonna murder me, do it in a proper car :man_shrugging:t2:

I use in single-make races, never in class racing.

How are you going to nerf it without touching its B and A class performance? If you nerf Peel it will become a complete disaster in A and B class.

While being interesting in automotive history, both the Peel and the Isetta are complete disasters in Horizon. The physics engine can’t handle the size and weight of those vehicles. Ever notice when you hit a solid object with either of those vehicles, they try to continue to drive through the object instead of bouncing off?

IMO, remove them from rival events completely, just like FM7 did for open wheel cars online.


I can’t say I’m that concerned about people not being able to run the Peel in B and A. That said, I really meant banning rather than nerfing. Ban it from C and D rivals and then all those really wanting to run it in B and A class can still do so. Simple fix.

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It’s not terribly overpowered at C class, at least on some of the rivals courses it has some close competition from cars like the Civic 74 or Roadster.

Further to this, if anyone wants a challenge there is a Peel on Derwent Valley Dash rivals which is only four tenths ahead of a Civic 74, so knocking it off its perch might be feasible.