[PC] Wireless Xbox 360 controller not detected by game

Unlike many users the game runs flawlessly on my system… save for the fact that for some reason Forza 7 won’t detect my Xbox 360 pad at all. The PC is detecting it, I’ve tried a few other games and XPadder to make sure the XInput was being detected, and the controller is working fine. Forza 7 just refuses to detect it. I’m using an off-brand wireless receiver but I’ve had no issues with it so far.

CPU(s): 2 Xeon X5650 @ 3GHz
GPU: GTX 1050 Ti OC 4GB

I’d like to correct this problem if I could; I intend to purchase the Ultimate Edition knowing that the game runs so well, but I won’t purchase it if my controller won’t work, I’ve always played Forza with an Xbox pad.

EDIT: I fixed the problem. Updating to Win 10’s new 2017 wireless receiver drivers allowed Forza 6 and Forza 7 to detect the controller. Vibration/feedback seem somewhat weak, however.