PC - Will FM7 be a flop much like FH3 was?

Can T10 prove to us this time that FM7 is not going to panic when you launch it on a PC where everyone has different hardware and not one PC is like the other.
Will you actually release the demo at the same time as the XB1 demo??
Will you be honest if it truly is going to be a flop and delay the release to compensate and make sure it goes well??
Will you put your stakeholders before your own $.$ dollar sign spectacles and be even a little bit transparent about your product??

Do not try and deny that FH3 was not a complete flop on launch (until early May 2017) and to some extent still is on a PC.

Yes we have FM6:A to go off, but everyone said the same thing before FH3 was launched and look what happened.
I trust no one until these “AAA” racing games are launched in full, all the rest is just smoke and mirrors to make the product appear flawless.

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FH3 was never a flop. It had problems (at least some people had, but not all), but nothing that would make it a flop. I have been playing the game since the release and, yes, I had some temporal problems, but nothing that would have stopped me from playing the game. There is no denying that the FH3 PC version was rushed, have had some very peculiar rookie-like bugs with some strange design decisions and the game has been constantly fixed (and broken and then fixed again) since the release, but that doesn’t make it a flop (a flop is something like Batman Arkham Night PC version, Aliens Colonial Marines and maybe even Mass Effect Andromeda in some extent). It was the first full Forza title on the PC and I think it uses a different game engine than Apex does(?). There is no such thing as flawless product (even Witcher 3 has plenty of flaws).

If someone wants to be safe, then just do not preorder the game, wait for reviews (from people that you trust, not like IGN and such) and then decide.

I would call FH3 on PC a flop. FH3 stands at 3.98 million players total right now. Of that, only 290.000 have played on PC. In terms of performance though, Apex is the benchmark. The engine runs good (on a powerful system), so there should be no issue with Forza 7.

Well, we are now 4 months later, and guess what? Forza 7 does have issues, and a lot of them, sadly!

Yet you are here and playing… guess forza won

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Yes I am playing, it’s a great game but all these crashes are ruining the game and Turn 10’s reputation.
But if Forza won, I don’t know, cause a lot of people will never pre-order a Turn 10 game again, ever.

November 7th is closing in fast, and all eyes will be upon FM7’s Xbox One X version, will it crash?
If it does, YouTube will be flooded with fails.
Hope it doesn’t come to this, but it doesn’t look good, judging by the probs on XBone and PC.


FH3 console was a big success, on the PC you could say it was a flop yes. Apart from all the Pc problems over 90% of FH3 players were on XBox.

the PC version clearly failed at launch.
its lagging in menus, rain and fog effects are broken as they stick into the ground, reflections are sub par on opponents even with “ultra” settings, microstutter if you dont run the game in windowed mode, flickering during night races, LODs on cars pop in kind of right in front of you etc etc.
in short: the PC version is buggy af and unworthy for such a big developer with those resources.

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FH3 was a flop? This is news to me, it’s by far the one of the top Forza releases to date.

I agree. I have it on PC, though to be fair I was late to the party and didn’t buy it until around a month before FM7 came out, so I missed the worst of the bugs - which sounded pretty bad in many cases.

Holy thread resurrection

Unless you were playing FH3 on PC from the early access date, you wouldn’t know what people mean when they that it was a flop. It was embarrassing, people with 6700K’s (or extreme editions) & Titan XPs couldn’t even get the game to run stable at 720p60 on the lowest settings. without the insane stuttering. Further, the demo was silently not released to PC, everyone expecting that the performance was abysmal, speculation which became awfully true when the full game was launched. I remember making a thread begging for them to be honest and delay the launch of the game by 4 weeks for PC just so that they can make sure it works and runs well. i would’ve been okay if they communicated issues, but in classic T10/PG fashion they STILL don’t understand this concept of communication, they are elitist’s who think they are always right…

This is what happens when forums are overmoderated. People are afraid to create new posts so they necro old ones.

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Very true that. That’s why i prefer reddit over these forums

Just to be clear, i do not think FH3 is a bad game, it is a good game, made by a not so honest company

I too prefer the reddit sub but unfortunately its difficult to have a good discussion since post get knocked off quickly because it often becomes a screenshot gallery.

Yup, it’s also been heavily infiltrated by the drifting community, which makes it awfully less fun. to quote someone recently “Drifting in Forza is the equivalent of 2009 CoD Trickshots” he received 20 downvotes, there’s a clear indication of the state of the sub.


I don’t feel FH3 was a flop. Yes, the game had issues at start, that were eventually fixed. The big difference here is that Horizon 3 is actually a good game. I do not regret paying $100 for it, and would probably throw more money on it if they kept expanding. The CTD’s, save loops and frame drops really didn’t take away from the experience. And even then, the game was considerably more stable than FM7.

FM7 has been a disaster. The game looks pretty and has probably the best physics in a Forza title yet, but that’s where it all ends. I could eventually learn to live with the horrible career, progression system, bad economy, homologation and annoying A.I. But what makes it unforgivable is that they got away with releasing a AAA title that is clearly still on alpha (or early beta at best) and dare charge full price.

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lol, reading my old post I realised, that next time I must take my own advice, when it comes to pre-ordering.