PC wheel is very snappy, game is unplayable

I got a wheel a couple of months ago, and in other racing games on my PC it works fantastically. But when I try any Forza game, the wheel is impossible to use and tweaking settings only makes it worse or more of the same. Essentially, there is no input with minor movements to the wheel. And when you turn it a bit more, the wheel snaps all the way to full lock. When you try to turn it back to center, it snaps to full lock in the other direction. I’ve done tons of tweaking and watched multiple videos, and I can’t get the wheel to behave properly in game.

I have a Thrustmaster TX with the Ferrari F1 wheel, thrustmaster 3 pedals, and the thrustmaster h-shifter.

What deadzone settings do you have?

0 on the inside, and 100 on the outside

Two thing to check:

  1. Is your wheel detected as an TX wheel and not a Thrustmaster Forcefeedback wheel? Sometimes my TX isn’t detected corectly and behaves as you’ve stated, unplug/replug the USB.

  2. Have you asigned the TX as steering input in Forza?

The game sends me to a custom controller layout. Whenever I try to set it as the TX it then thinks I don’t have a controller at all, but then sees it if I change it back to a custom profile. I can try unplugging it and plugging it back in while the game is running, but I won’t be able to update you till later.

Sorry if I was unclear, I ment in the Thrustmaster controlpanel within Windows with point 1. Also if you use a custom layout you’ll need to asign axes/button manualy, I need to do that because I’m not using the TM pedals.

The wheel shows up as “Ferrari F1 Wheel Advanced TX”

Hmm that seems OK Ferrari F1 Advanced for the rim and TX for the base. Altough my TX doesn’t state that I’m using the GT-E rim but the F1 is more complicated so maybe that’s why.

Sorry man I’m all out of ideas.

Edit: Maybe the F1 rim is why the TX preset doesn’t work. If you have the stock rim you could try that. Grasping at straws here.

The F1 wheel has an “advanced” mode that enables the use of extra buttons. Its possible that this mode is interfering with Forza? I don’t have a stock rim because I bought the base and wheel separately.

That is what I’m starting to think yes. The TX preset is only for a stock TX and because yours is detected as somthing else you’ll need to use a custom preset.

One last thing, probably in the catagory “Capt. Obvious”: You do know that the TX has 4 degrees of rotation modes right?
Mode button + D-pad left/right.
1 Flash 270 deg
2 Flashes 360 deg
3 Flashes 540 deg
4 Flashes 900 deg

Personaly I run street cars at 900, race cars at 540, prototypes at 360 and F1 at 270.

I don’t change the rotation that way, I change it in the software. I limit it too 500, as its the most turn I’m comfortable with on the F1 wheel

I did assign controls in the custom profile. I’ll have to see what shows up in the thrustmaster control panel

500 Deg shouldn’t give any snap-steer problems, I just don’t know any more. Sorry…