Pc version osw wheels

Has anyone figured out a way to get a OSW wheel to work?

I can steer with my OSW but no force feedback

If you are using a “generic” profile with your OSW’s (which Im assuming you are), there is a bug that causes much weaker to non existant ffb.
This is known and should be fixed soon (T10 time).

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Thanks , what do you mean by generic profile

Hmm I cant even map my osw to anything,steering etc… nothing…but I have not messed with a profile in the osw settings yet.

I should also say this is the demo im using.I didnt want to buy the game and not be able to use my osw wheel… I imagine the demo is the same?peripheral wise?

How do you even have the PC version?

Not sure what you mean… there is a windows 10 forza 7 now.
Its available for download on microsoft store

Just bumping this in case someone got a osw wheel to work with ff on pc version… Surprised this doesnt work honestly… Its a pc and they shouldve know many osw and accuforce users are out there. Just about evrery other racing game on pc supports it… off hand I cant think of one I have that doesnt… maybe its in the works.

Still not working