PC Version is still running rough.

I was playing on my standard xbox and realized that the game runs way better on xbox then my PC obviously due to optimization. I have a r1700 3.6oc rx580, 16gb dr4 at 2400 which is about 4 times as powerful as my potato clock of an xbox, and the game is on a ssd.

I experience really bad stuttering (especially in the menus) and pops, clicks and static in the audio sometimes, and getting disconnected from races more then ever these past few days. Also at the beginning of some races itlll be at say 1 frame per 2 seconds for about 5-6ish seconds, which is just enough time to have everybody in the lobby wrecked. This has been around since day one so im assuming these things will never be fixed but i feel like we should make this known if for some reason it isnt known yet.

Id like to note that when its running smooth its really good. My frames are always at about 80-90 @ 3440x1440 res.

Any solutions out there in the ether?


I’m experiencing really bad stuttering in the menus as well, but gameplay has been surprisingly fluid for me considering my PC specs:

16 GB DDR4-2400
RX 480 8 GB

Scrolling through the cars in my garage is especially painful, but even when my avatar is standing there rocking back and forth waiting for me to do something, it stutters like mad.

Also, the thumbnails of the cars I own don’t always update after painting them, which drives me crazy!

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Which 580 do you have?

I’m running on the XBox One X and my laptop both of which are very smooth all the time apart from once with the XBox I tried to play a race and it wouldn’t start. The advice I got on another forum is to simply re-install the game.

Laptop is an MSI GP63RE with GTX1060, 32GB ram and a hex core CPU, game runs off an NVMe SSD

Also pushing a 32’ 2560x1440 144hz screen with no issues, average FPS is 72

Have you tried re-installing the game?
Latest GFX drivers?
All driver updates?
Does Radeon drivers have game profiles that you can apply like nVidia?

Sorry i meant RX580, and all drivers are up to date.

And elngadget I get the same exact stuttering going on in my menus picking cars etc.

Sorry, I meant to ask 4GB/8GB, OC, Nitro etc?

Weirdly enough it runs smoother on my laptop then on my desktop. Even on same settingsand even on dynamic settins.

Laptop runs a i5 6500, 16GB and 960M card and my desktop i5 8600, 16gb, 1070ti.

That is very strange because there are generations between your GPU and CPU’s. Your 1070ti should be running the game at over 100fps easily

I’m using a 1060 6GB card in my laptop with 417.35 game ready driver and it runs perfectly

Sorry, misunderstanding, I can run the game on much higher settings and framerates on my 1070ti desktop. But it runs smoother on my laptop. Have microstutters etc on desktop

I have a problem with the performance. Until a few days the game ran very smooth at 4k ultra on my PC, but 3 days ago I started to have a seriously stuttering on races or running alone. I dind’t touch anything and didn’t update nothing. It’s seems like the HDD can’t load the information in real time, but HDD is perfect and run like first day. I only have problems with this game. The gpu usage falls when the circuit is loading from hdd when I’m running… If I install the game on a SSD the game runs well (some minor stuttering not annoying), but I can’t have 100GB instaled on my SDD. More than a year installed on a hdd until a few days ago I can’t play (and the hdd works perfect)

Edit: FIXED unistalling AVAST Antivirus. Last update of this antivirus breaks the performance.

JuggyRSA its a Asus ROG RX580 8GB at stock with max power limit. Runs at 55-60c max. I know there was some ram issues a while back, im starting to thing that having the slower 2400mhz ram might be causing the issues in this game (only this game for me) going to try and pick up a set of flare x ram 3200mhz 14-14-14-34 ram and see if it helps.

Unless the RAM is actually faulty, I highly doubt going from 2400mhz to 3200mhz RAM would fix your issues.

I agree with that

Actually, if you follow information in regards to Ryzen CPU’s (which the op has, a Ryzen 7 1700?, judging by their spec list). Then swapping up from 2400Mhz DDR4 to anything above 3000Mhz, should make a difference in performance. Ryzen CPU’s love fast ram. Bare minimum I would personally recommend for a Ryzen based system, is 3200Mhz.

Another important factor, is to make sure your Ram is placed in the correct slots; otherwise dual channel wont work. This is why, for instance, if you want 16gb of ram. You should buy 2 8gb sticks, and plop them in the appropriate slots for dual channel. On most motherboards, this is either slot 1 and 3, or slot 2 and 4. Keep in mind, some motherboards do come with more than 4 slots. So always check the manual for reference.

Its worth while doing plenty of research when it comes to computer builds, and the specific needs of any particular hardware and/or hardware set. Intel and AMD’s requirements for the sake of performance/cost, are often different in a lot of ways. Especially in terms of ram usage between the different manufacturers CPU’s.

I won’t be any help here but I haven’t played in awhile and recently started playing it again, and it runs fine for me with no stutters, gameplay is smooth and menu’s are smooth, much better than it was before i had a break

R7 2700x
16gb Ram
MSI x470 Gaming Pro
GTX 1070 Strix

Latest bios
Latest gfx drivers
Windows updated

Normally i would agree about the ram, but this game doesnt utilize ram well and has had issues where after about an hour the game would crash due to ram filling up (even 16gb rigs like mine) and ram issues in general. the game doesnt crash as often but im sure they wouldnt fix any issues other then major ones. It has to be poor optimization.

StrixUK, what ram you running? So far we got 2 people in this thread that has bad stuttering with 2400mhz, maybe coincidence but maybe not.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb 2666mhz CL14

in an other thread was mentioned that the last Avast antivirus update killed the performance of the game.

i noticed that the virtual memory settings caused problems with stuttering - try to set it manual to the double size of your ram - to a fast drive with sufficient space

How can i set it to manual?

And disable/uninstall AV as well just to be sure

I am fortunate in that I have 2x512GB NVMe drives in my laptop. I run OS off one and games off the other. Pagefile is on the 2nd drive as well.

I only use Microsoft AV, I find it interacts with Windows better than most

Higher clocked RAM will definitely improve FPS with Ryzen CPUs, but I think it would be a few FPS at most. Stuttering like the OP has is most likely caused from something else. I’ve seen a lot of people with Intel based systems have issues with stuttering and RAM speed would make way less of a difference with them.