[PC]Unresponsive controls between mouse/keyboard and wheel? Paint crashes, can't remove mod cards.

I am constantly having issues clicking menu items using the mouse after just using my wheel (g27) sometimes there is no mouse pointer, sometimes the pointer wont move, and worst of all almost all of the time I have to click on things many many times before it registers. Most of the time after hitting the reset button (R on the keyboard) causes the pedals and wheel to go completely unresponsive for a second or two which never ends well. It is like the game needs time to switch between what I am using to control it making the game frustrating to the point I just rage quit everytime I try to play it. Is anyone else having this issue or have any idea what could be causing it? I have never had this issue with any other game so I don’t think it is my wheel or keyboard.

I have seen a lot of people mention crashing to desktop in the paint shop. Is there any fix to this? I have always spent many hours painting cars in forza games and was excited to see see if having a mouse would make it faster and easier because its a huge pain with a controller but I can’t even adjust the base paint color sliders without the game crashing.

I hit a button that automatically added the stupid mod cards to a race when I didn’t want to use them. now I cant remove them. Is it part of the game that you HAVE to use them? or am I just missing somthing?

I was so excited to have forza on pc, and be able to use my wheel without an elaborate work around like a cronusmax on the xbox360. The racing is great everything else about this game is driving my nuts.
Thanks in advance.