[PC] Unable to launch FH4. Windows 10

I have not yet successfully launched the game, despite all my efforts. I have been in contact with multiple microsoft and xbox employees, all of which were unable to resolve this issue.
When I launch the game it goes through the first 5 seconds before forcefully closing, with no immediate error.

I have tried the following:

- Reinstalled game twice
- Reinstalled Xbox app & microsoft store
- Updated Microsoft store
- Updated Windows 10
- Gained ownership of gamefolder
- Restarted PC
- Tried 4 different GPU drivers
- Tried launching from a different windows account
- Disabled AntiVirus(AVG)
- Disabled Firewall
- Disabled all software running in the background
- Uninstalled all software that could interfere with the game, notably: EVGA Precision X & Wallpaper Engine.

Further information on the crash

To get further information on this issue, I went into the eventviewer where I found a couple of crashlogs that seem to give some vital information, I am however unable to decode their meanings, if anyone is able to do so, that’d be amazing.

Notable crash logs:

Thank you for your time.

Submit a support ticket maybe?