[PC - Ultimate Edition] Anybody want to help so I can try and play?

Hello all,
I have the Ultimate edition FH4 but haven’t been able to launch it since the game launched. I’ve tried everything short of reinstalling windows on my computer to try and get this running. Tried talking to Windows Support about the store and they just deferred me to asking the developer for help. (submitted a request in the support page but it could be a while before it gets addressed)

I only have a couple questions for any PC users that have the ultimate edition working:

  1. What does your windows store Library look like for all the files?

  2. Would anyone be willing to install/use Fiddler (an HTTP/HTTPS Traffic Recorder) and just let me know what their traffic is like for the first 15 seconds after you launch the game? When I launch, I can see traffic going to the Microsoft Licensing server but then the app dies after I get the /remove. If you’re willing to help with this part just post the part of the log similar to what I posted below. Maybe mention at what point the game launched? I don’t know really know what I’m looking for here but I’m trying to narrow down my problem.

Thanks for your help and time.

No worries guys, spent a solid two hours on Support with Windows support and turns out one of their servers has a bug on it and they are going to have to fix it. Might actually fix the crash on startup.