[PC] Tunes not saving/loading


This has been commented on a few times as far as I can tell:

I’ve run into this a few times when trying to make multiple, useful tunes for various cars. Even after setting up my vehicle and saving the settings, when I go back to load those settings the parts may be installed but the tune settings for each component are never loaded. In short: it’s IMPOSSIBLE to save/load tune setups. As others have said, this might be an XBOX Marketplace issue, but regardless it NEEDS to be addressed.

Other users have also commented that there are instances when values of a tune will change without their input. I do not know the exact sequence of events, but between two races with the #18 M&Ms NASCAR Camry, I had my rear diff settings go from 85/15 A/D to 41/0 A/D. I know this change happened in the game because I wouldn’t ever run the latter setting!

Turn 10, I absolutely love you guys and I’ve been playing Forza for 10+ years, but for real: this is super broken. Forza 2 it was painless to change my tune in a multiplayer lobby, now I cannot even save a setting let alone change it easily. As a software developer, this is really broken and I am super disappointed in you guys. Please please please fix it. You guys are capable of making this game A+, but the game is dying because of a thousand cuts.

This definitely needs some work,

As a work around I find that if you go to the tuning section on the main menu and from there choose My Tunes you can load a tune correctly. Every other method of loading a tune seems to fail.