PC total crash during (or around) cinematic cutscenes

I have followed all of Forza support’s suggestions. I have also tried undervolting my GPU. I have tried disconnecting peripherals. I have also tried lowering all graphic details. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all of my drivers. But the game completely crashes my whole computer within 5-15 minutes every time, usually around cutscenes. Forza support sent me a message saying the ticket was “Solved.” It isn’t. I paid over $100 for early access to a game I STILL can’t play and I’m guessing that 20 hours of desperately trying to get this dumpster fire to run disqualifies me from getting a refund. Can anyone offer a suggestion? I am upset and frustrated and out of options.

Ryzen 9 3900x
rx 5700 xt

Have you got it installed on a mechanical drive or a solid state drive?
Does the sound simply keep skipping and you have to force close the game, or does it crash to desktop?
Do you have anything over clocked, or adequate cooling for your pc?

A little more information may help us trouble shoot the issue for you.

Nothing is overclocked, cooling is all good, like I said, I followed all of the instructions from the Forza FAQ. It’s on an SSD. The same SSD and GPU and CPU that I just played about 7 hours of Battlefield 2042 on with no hiccups or crashes or anything. And it doesn’t crash the desktop, there is no sound skipping. Like I said, it crashes the entire computer. On one second, off the next. Like the power shut off to the whole house. Also, the PSU is not causing the crash, it’s just as new as the CPU and GPU and has plenty of headroom.