[PC] Sometimes the game keeps infinitely saving after buying a car

This happened 4 times so far, after buying a car for a single player championship it keeps saving so you have to force quit the game.

nvidea GTX1080
CPU: intel 6700K @4.00ghz
500 GB SSD

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I can confirm this!
Had this when I bought the MB Truck.

Maybe there is coincidence with the skins browser. The skin I selected was 2 times there.

This happened to me after I spent maybe 10 minutes designing a car. Had to close out the game because it was taking way too long. Of course it didn’t save.

this happens allot , after painting a car or upgrading a car

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Same problem here, has happened two times after upgrading and tuning the cars.

i7 6700k
GTX 1080ti
16GB DDR4 3200mhz

Try alt+enter to switch to windowed mode when that happens and when it continues, do it again to switch back to fullscreen. or press ctrl+shift+esc to open up task manager , look for forzamotorsport7.exe in processes tab, right click and change priority to something else and then back to normal.

Happened here, too, after adding a skin to the Formula Ford.

Asus Rampage Extreem
AMD 5350
R9 290X
850 Evo SSD
16g ram

Win 10 64bit

Happened to me too on XBOX One. Problem seems to be with applying a design, because after I restarted the game, the car was bought, but design was not applied.

Its the same story here Win 10, after upgrading car

Same here using xbox one.

Can’t tint the windows on my E60 M6 because of this. Not all cars cause this crash, but they do exhibit very slow save times.

Same here, not spesific car in particular but upgrading, tuning, buying may cause save freeze on windows 10.

It’s a memory leak, for example if you start changing any cosmetics on your car, rims, or just switch alot of cars, do alot of stuff in menu’s, your memory will fill up until the game crashes. its a bug i already reported. forzamotorsport7.exe in task manager went up to 11GB in my case and crashed my game.

You can check it yourself, run task manager next to forza, check your memory at the performance tab of task manager while playing the game. do alot of stuff in the menu’s.