[PC] Serious CPU stuttering after 23.10.2018 update.

I am running on I5-8300H boosted to 3.89GHz, with an 8G DDR4 memory and GTX1060 MAX-Q 6G.

The game was running perfectly fine with most settings turn to high, but after the update, every time my car goes faster 170Km/h the game start to lagging and I notice serious CPU stuttering. The CPU usage is wavy between ~10% to 95%.
It appears to be that the game cannot load the map fast enough when I am driving fast.

I have tried my best to reduce unnecessary CPU usage but it doesn’t work. I turn all my graphics settings to the lowest but the issue is still there. The game suddenly becomes unplayable. Does anybody have any idea?

I’m having the same issue on the OneX