[PC]Photo mode doesnt work with 21:9

Im using an ultrawide monitor with 2560 x 1080 resolution,except the menu everything else seems to working great with 21:9,BUT not photomode,when i chose it the game turns into 16:9 with blackbar on both sides(same as what you get with 16:9 resolution but with black bar on both side),and after i upload the photo to forza gallery that photo is all normal with 21:9 resolution but with something on the right and the forza logo is at the wrong place,and theres texts with options on the right side(like shutter speed bar and exposure control etc etc.)
Back in FH3 you can use photo mode with 21:9,and now the brand new forza 7doesnt support it? What?
these are the photo i uploaded to forza gallery:
Chinese text on the right side are custom options in photo mode(shutter speed and other)
ingame photo mode shows 16:9 resolution with blackbar at both sides,but this is the photo i get with ingame photo mode.(hide the ui before capture this photo doesnt work))

seemes like insert image doesnt work for some reason anyway this is my forza gallery

Of course they should fix it (after the more important stuff), but just switch to a 16:9 resolution before you go into photo mode. You can do that from the pause menu during a race. I bet it will work correctly then. I also recommend switching before upgrading or painting your car to avoid squashed car thumbnails in the garage.

One year and still no fix. BIG SHAME for DEV.

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