PC performance change

Hello all!

First post here.

I just wanted to ask if anyone has encountered this weird bug with the game. I’m running an Omen 17 8750 1070gtx 16gb ram and the game runs flawlessly at 60FPS cap (used to at least). I have everything basically maxed out and the GPU usage would be anything from 50% to low 80%.

That changed recently however during one session as I was tuning my car or doing something in the menus. The menus became very laggy and after that the GPU usage doesn’t drop below 90% which would be ok but the FPS slugs to 30-40 in a race with NPCs. I thought I solved it by rolling back the drivers but today it happened again. Was happily doing the Stingray Weekly and while I was changing it into the drift setup same thing happened.

It also is not temporary mind you, I restarted the game and the PC many times. Seems like when it happens the performance just shifts to be crap. Happens only in FH4.

Would appreciate any help!

Thanks a lot