PC Performance and crashing

When this game was first realised it worked great. I played it for 20hours + at 4k with max setting and got a stable frame rate using my rtx 3080. A day or two after launch I noticed the game starting to hang then it would crash to desktop. Also after this the frame rate is poor with loads of stuttering.

My PC was due a scrub anyway so I done that and tried playing the game with nothing but up to date drivers installed. Still the same issue so I tried installing windows 11. (Remember there is nothing in my PC other than drivers, steam and horizon 5.) The crashing has reduced but still get terrible stuttering and frame rates using the 3080. I have had to turn everything to low at 1080p just to remove the constant stuttering.

Any sort of help would be appreciated. It’s running 16gb of ddr4, i5 10600k and is installed on an ssd. If I can’t fix it hopefully I can get a refund as the game is now tottal unplayable.

Some solved the stuttering by disabling “Xbox-gamebar” (start - settings - gaming - xbox game bar)
Also you can try disabling “Game mode” (start - settings -gaming - game mode)

The game crashes to desktop for me within minutes and without an error code/message. I have even tried to run it on low settings and still crashes. CPU (AMD 5900X) isn’t hot, GPU (RTX 3090) isn’t hot. framerate is fine (no drops) just crashes to desktop… so I have to play it on Xbox instead.

First crash was in the first car in the “get to the festival” - then the second, then the third, no crash on the fouth, but as soon as i was done, it crashed again, then after i got into the first car… Cyberpunk 2077 was more stable than this…